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Sheltered Sun - ''Music really does have the ability to heal where words cannot contend''

Conjuring rich images that personify epic Symphonic Metal, the personification of light and dark, comfort from the light, solace from the dark. It is the desire to create something new and exciting, a new expression that that is dynamic, heartfelt and passionate. Sheltered Sun is the summation of Eddie DeWitte (vocals/song writing) personal goals and he is

joined by the considerable talents of Viktorie Surmøvá (Female Vocals) and Niclas Buss (All Guitars, Bass, Keyboards) and Alfred Fridhagen Den Andre ( Drums)

Eddie: I wanted to form my own band/project for many years and express my interests and writings. I also wanted to perform more often and share the love of music with everyone worldwide.

The personification of light and dark…

Eddie: The overarching theme is taking many elements of life, influences, and learning's and allegorically expressing them in the context of light and darkness as we live with both every day.

Everyone out there resonates differently with these two aspects and carries out their day

differently based on those cultural and environmental upbringings. I feel that no matter what walk of life you have, there is something here for everyone to relate to. My faith does play a role.

What can we expect from ''The material, The spiritual?'' is it based on an overall concept?

Eddie: I'm glad you asked! Oliver Palotai is a very talented Maestro. He envisioned my backdrop and mission perfectly. This piece is actually inspired by Bloober Teams game The Medium. It's about a psychic Marianne that can visit both the real and spiritual worlds. I took that as a foundation of influence to capture the essence and feel of dark and whimsical lore, musically. This is an orchestrated piece that begs the question. Do you submit yourself to your demons, repressed memories and die or do you take fate and change the world? The character is being chased by a demon throughout. It's about a person taking one path or the other. Our music is influenced by film, movies, and video games overall.

when can we expect it?

Eddie: November 20th

What is more important, the material or the spiritual…

Eddie: I think it's important to cherish and love people unconditionally as our time on this earth is limited and our actions can at the very least give us comfort for where we end up next, even if you don't believe in anything or don't carry that kind of hope. Sometimes death to some is just empty silent darkness.

The inclusion of Viktorie Surmova and the vocal contrasts she brings to the project?

Eddie: I listened to her performance with her band Surma. She has a very unique colour to her voice. It fit perfectly for our compositions and feelings. She has a haunting beautiful vibe that complements the hope and despair. You should listen to her perform ACDC's Highway to Hell Live. She has some pipes! She's very versatile and does other music genres too. She's the sweetest and kindest woman I know.

''Commanding the Sceptre" is it a taste of what we can expect on the album?

Eddie: It's actually the album opener. Right into the action.

The influences that affect your music. Are they external ones such as world events or deeper closer events that inspire the music?

Eddie: I love classical music. Wagner is one of my favourites. The harpsichord is actually my favourite instrument. I once went to a Winter Gala when I was in college. I was heavily wowed and influenced by soprano type singing. I have also grown up on the metal scene and grew a love for Finland's presentation of heavy metal. For example, when I first heard Kalmah, Children of Bodom or Sonata Arctica, I couldn't believe the way they weaved keyboards and melody like that. Crazy for me to say, but I actually understood the growls. It was a first for me and the Beauty and the Beast feelings and love stuck with me since.

How do you define heavy music? Is it explainable?

Eddie: Over the years I grew to understand the emotion and meaning that comes from humans inner most desires and rages. Music really does have the ability to heal where words cannot contend. The goal was not to not try to make people understand, but to show them how and why it's done and how people from other cultures take that as a tool for therapy and liberation. Niclas Buss our guitarist and Alexi Laiho are a huge influence in my song writing.

Plans for the future to support the new music?

Eddie: Blogs, reviews, interviews. We have the same structure and will use it the same way going forward independently.

Top 6 albums of all time?

Eddie: Damn, that's hard. I can think of some of the most influential bands I had growing up.

They would be:

1. Styx – Greatest Hits (My first rock love)

2. Mortification – Scrolls of the Megilloth

3. Extol - Burial

4. Whitesnake (Entire Discography)

5. Megadeth – Rust in Peace

6. P.O.D. - Satellite

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