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Dialith- ''There is something very primal in all humans''

Updated: Apr 3

Krista (vocals) As a band, Dialith is always looking for ways to keep the music fresh and interesting. This includes being open to listening to new music and incorporating those sounds into our own music, even if it is not strictly “metal.” Dialith at its core is a symphonic power metal band and always will be, but it never hurts to branch out.

Everything feels bigger in Scope…


Yes! The influences in Alter run the gamut from Celtic and Middle Eastern-inspired folk music, to including saxophone on a song.

The idea of combining traditional instrumentation with Epic metal.

‘’We’re big fans of Eluveitie, who of course include many traditional instruments in their music. I don’t think including traditional instruments in heavy metal is necessarily groundbreaking, but it was a lot of fun to use those sounds in our own music and create something new and fresh. 

The allure of the mythology of the near East...

‘’I have been reading a lot about the proto-Indo-Europeans, and about their reconstructed mythology that can be found in so many cultures all over the world, especially in Mesopotamia. I love the idea that despite our differences, maybe there is something very primal in all humans that we can all connect with. I used elements of Mesopotamian mythology to evoke that kind of imagery in Shadowdancer.

‘’Between the four of us, we all listen to a wide variety of music and draw influences from all of them. Cullen in particular, who plays drums, is a big fan of black metal and even though Dialith plays symphonic power metal I know he draws a lot of inspiration from that genre. While I don’t think that the Shadowdancer drum solo is very black metal, since it is supposed to be more Middle Eastern sounding, it does show off his incredible ability to play lots of different styles.

The idea of releasing your music as a trilogy of EPs

‘’Dialith is not backed by any label and so we are entirely self-funded. Our debut album, Extinction Six, was a very ambitious endeavour. We wanted to keep the high quality in the level of music and production that Extinction Six set the precedent for, and we decided that the best way to do that was to release the next album as a series of EPs.


the next installment will be a full album that includes the previously released songs as well as new ones.

The visceral energy of “Writhing Red” ...


‘’I am the type of person who stays very up to date on current events and the various goings-on of the world, and I think that at the core, a lot of our over-arching problems stem from these things that maybe people regard as being very simple. Hate and greed are entirely blinding and causes people to use all sorts of avenues to justify horrible things.

How can we combat such selfishness? Does it start with the individual?

‘’I think that it genuinely does start with the individual, but maybe more important is holding those who make these decisions that affect all of us accountable.

Plans for the future. And more releases?

‘’We don’t have plans currently after the next album, but this summer we are playing the Mad With Power festival in Madison, Wisconsin.

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