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Saturday Night Satan - ''I think darkness is the only real shelter for your soul''

’Saturday Night Satan is a trip we kicked off about three years back. Jim and I started writing tunes during the Covid-19 lockdown, meeting up only on Saturday nights. Our music blends various genres, but the 70s occult sound of bands like Black Sabbath and Coven really drives our inspiration.


Embodying the occult doom sounds and freedom, the Athenian duo of Kate Soulthorn on vocals and Jim Kotsis on bass, guitars, and backing vocals have released their debut album All Things Black that celebrates the 70s, 80s and 90s into a maelstrom of doom inspired heaviness, and groove that essential to their ritual.


Jim: Rock 'n' roll is the fundamental element of our live ritual! We dedicate our utmost efforts to crafting the optimal experience for the audience, both in terms of performance and sound quality. It's amusing, though, that you associate it with a ritual solely due to our occult aesthetics, because I've always viewed live shows as rituals. The exchange of energy between the musician and the crowd is unparalleled!


Kate: The band is a blend of best friends and significant life partners. I believe that's the perfect recipe for any kind of ritual!


There is a sense of freedom/ inhibition and fun that is tinged with darkness to your music?


Jim: Excellent remark! Satan is about freedom, and so are we! Rock 'n' roll is about fun, and so are we! Heavy metal is about darkness, and so are we! That combination truly encapsulates the essence of our existence. Thanks for pointing it out!


Kate: I’d say what we do is play games with the devil! It may seem fun, but one needs to be cautious!


What does All Things Black mean to you?


Jim: The lyric says it all: Lord Satan, we’re here, ready to fall! Our hate now grows strong. Our sins turned all things black.


 The cat imagery on your album cover? Used to cast spells and practice magic?


Kate: The cat imagery features our real lovely cat we raise, called Fenriz, and he truly is the Devil incarnate! Moreover, he keeps away the bad energy from our home. He's truly a magical creature, and I can't imagine this album without his photo on the cover.


The link to occultism and the supernatural? Is darkness an alluring place to visit?


Jim: I don’t believe in the term 'supernatural.' Everything around us is very natural indeed. The way things work may seem magical at times, but if you look at the bigger picture, everything makes sense at one point. To me, occultism is charming enough to be used as inspiration for art, but it’s also a very personal topic. Darkness is, of course, fascinating, but if there’s something to be afraid of, it wouldn’t be the darkness of night or the darkness of the oceans, but the darkness of the human soul. Like it or not, we are all, as creatures, capable of the worst, and you realize there are no limits when you take morality, or the punishment factor out of the process. It really scares me at times.


‘’I think darkness is the only real shelter for your soul. It keeps your fears, your failures, hidden well. A place that we have to recall becoming better.


Jim: Despite our dark aesthetics, what I really want to share with you and the readers is that one shouldn’t be ashamed of who they are or what they do. There really isn't any reason one should be hiding. Speaking of shelters, the best shelter is your beloved people. I’m glad I have some of those in my life.


Did the heritage of Greek dark metal inspire it any way along with perhaps some American influences?


Jim: As an admirer of the black metal scene, I can say that the Greek scene, with its roots in the black metal legacy, has inspired me a lot over the years. Now, regarding American influences, I can agree. Blue Öyster Cult, my favourite band of all time, is indeed American. However, it would be more accurate to say that my influences equally span the British, American, and Swedish rock/metal scenes.

What inspired your vocal style for this record?  It is different from your other projects did you ‘’conjure’ any particular characters to inhabit the record?


Kate: Sometimes, it's music itself that shows the way. It wasn't my voice that guided the musical style of SNS, but rather the songwriting that led me to adapt a new way of singing. The whole process was a form of artistic expansion and development for me. 


Is Saturday night Satan is part of a growing movement of bands inspired by the 70s and its open rebellion against current “stale” music?


Jim: If you consider rock 'n' roll to be rebellious, then count me in! Let’s bring the system down!"


Tops 6 albums of all time?



Fleetwood Mac – Rumours

Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath

Blue Oyster Cult – Fire of Unknown Origin

Ghost – Prequelle

Witchcraft – Legend

Coven – Witchcraft Destroys Minds and Reaps Souls


Jim: The first six albums of Black Sabbath. 

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