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Eurynome - ''We believe the Goddess of creation is angry with mankind

Eurynome are the creation of Jacopo Marinelli ( Lyrics, Bass rhythm, Vocals growls & spoken) and N. Delacroix Bass lead, Piano, Vocals clean, Orchestrations). They take doom metal to a new level of heaviness, beautiful dark and oppressivley heavy, their unique bass frequencies create a melancholy previously unheard of.

How did Eurynome begin? and the choice to use the goddess of all creation?

‘’We started in mid-2018 as a duo of distorted bass and vocals (both clean and growl). We just wanted to shape a project highly influenced by funeral doom and with a lot of atmospheres, ranging from orchestrations to synths of various kinds. Our thematics are focused on ancient Greek/roman mythology and apocalypse, cemeterial scenarios in the Victorian era, so we really liked the choice of Eurynome as monicker.

‘’In our imagination, we believe the Goddess of creation is angry with mankind for the sad fate of the planet, now sentenced to a future of misery and pollution. Therefore, the deity does not respond to our supplications; she does not deign to speak to us and no longer feels pity for us.

What is "Funerals unto Ruin'?

‘’It's our most recent song, released as a single on September 7th, and accompanied by a music video! You can find it here: In this track, some wraiths wonder what their loved ones, still living, think of them. Whether they are missing, whether they will be forgotten or forgiven; every doubt or problem about wraiths' earthly life remains unresolved, and this creates an eternal weight within their souls, frightened by what they have left unfinished.

It is much heavier than your previous release.

‘’We try to make our sound evolve, enriching it with new ideas and influences, so we don't stick to a particular atmosphere. Obviously our intent is to remain consistent with our musical identity, thus maintaining a solid basis of orchestrations, synths, double vocals, minimal drums and slow tempo. However these things can be balanced in many ways, as can bass distortion. We don't get influenced by something in particular to make our songs different from the previous one, we just experiment with the sound until we find something interesting.

How much does Greek and Roman mythology influence your music? Is it the perfect match for your sombre creations?

‘’We have always been passionate about what is ancient, mysterious and spiritual. We know Greek and Roman paganism very well and therefore we wanted to include it in our concepts. We think that nature has a power that has been ignored or belittled for too long, and so we play songs to mourn nature in decline, as was the case during the Decadent period: poets during this time wrote referring to ancient deities such as the Greek and Roman ones, singing for nature wounded by us humans.

Does the 436Hz tuning also represent this?

‘’This tuning is much more decadent than 440 Hz (the standard in almost all modern music) because it gives the music lines a waning trend. Furthermore, it was the tuning used at the end of the 1800s, during the period of romanticism and decadence. We think it suits our themes a lot and also makes the sound darker, much more enigmatic and deep.

Is the melancholy and feeling of inevitably a personal one or is it from the world around you and how you interact with it?

‘’We tell a lot about our melancholy in our songs, through metaphors, allegories and other poetic expedients. We believe that melancholy is inherited by people throughout the world, but people then metabolise it, process it and throw it back out in many different forms. There is a meaningful exchange, far more intense than just happiness or other moods. We think that melancholy is the most powerful and creative feeling that one could experience.

Using classical mythology has mankind learned any lessons from the past or are we still repeating our mistakes and remain unenlightened?

‘’Humanity formerly didn't make certain mistakes. There was great respect for nature, in fact there were numerous venerated divinities who depicted various aspects of the planet and human conditions. There was a lot of recognition towards what had been given to us by the Universe. Slowly we began to believe ourselves capable of dominating the planet, capable of living on our own strength; we have forgotten and belittled the importance of nature providing us with shelter, food, and air. Over the centuries we have become more and more arrogant and opinionated, so we have gradually made more and more mistakes, and now it is a bit late to repent, because we have been accustomed to a harmful lifestyle since our birth, and a global economic system based on uncontrolled exploitation, praised greed and monstrous growth at any cost.

You are labelled as funeral doom? Is this accurate and is there no other way to describe the heaviest form of music there is?

‘’Over the years this genre has really taken on a myriad of nuances, in fact the border between label identities is often thin. We like to call ourselves "atmospheric funeral doom" because they are our main song writing fields. However, the music scene and the critics seem not to go against our sense of genre.

Do the dual vocals and the combination of classical elements help portray the quality of Life in your music?

‘’We had never thought of it in this sense, we believed that our contrasts were more similar to the duality of human cruelty and human suffering, but since our songs are often prayers to the Gods, we could say that our songs are both ways to repent and condemn ourselves, and ways to atone for guilt and create beauty through art.

What is the heaviest song you have written and its meaning to you?

‘’We're adopting a new kind of sound for the next songs and albums. Actually we try to avoid welling on just one type of sound, but make it evolve and make it unique for each album. So at the moment our heaviest song is the recent single "Funerals unto Ruin" (September 2022), which for us represents a big step forward in the development of the project, an even greater dedication to the deeply evocative and funeral poetry that permeates this genre. We could say... almost a tribute.

Plans for the future and new music.

‘’We are working on a new single, "Decadence in Minor", which will be part of the next album, dedicating a lot of free time, resources and efforts to create something original and captivating for doom metal fans. We think it will be released shortly, during April 2023. We're also working on the new full-length that's being shaped in these months, with a releasing period probably set in autumn. ‘’Creating and releasing music is always an adventure and a leap into the unknown that will hardly take you exactly where you thought, but we think this is also one of the reasons that push musicians to keep walking along their path!

Top 6 albums of all time?

''A question that poses an extremely difficult choice! But remaining in the context of doom metal, we can say: 1) Antithesis of Light - Evoken 2) Angels of Distress - Shape of Despair 3) Tragedies/Tristesse - Funeral 4) The Call of the Wratched Sea - Ahab 5) Funeral Impressions - Frowning 6) O Solitude - Pantheist Bonus "Illimitable Dolor" by Illimitable Dolor and "Epigrammata" by Et Moriemur

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