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ETWAS - ''We decided to make something on occultism in all its forms

Enochian Keys is not just the follow up Etwas debut EP Behind The Veil . It is a marking of the black arts and it is musical progression that defies normal symphonic metal description. It is heavier, more powefrul , dynamic and confident. Bringing in a more prominent Black metal edge and a progressive level of musicianship it is a far diffferent beast...

Victoria Hove (Vocals) ‘’Absolutely, it is very different. We wanted something less shy and more hard-hitting for this album, even if we like our first EP very much. But we wanted to express ourselves in music, with all our tastes, all our personalities. We wanted something that looked like us the most. Something we really want to listen to. It took about a year to write the ten tracks of this album and I must say that we all four are very additional: Silver wrote the very bigger part of it and, as a musician or as a singer, we all added what we wanted to. Even by distance, it always was possible to shape a song, an ambient. It was a very very good time creating the universe of this album.

The musicianship involves many more genres! The elements of speed and black metal? All part of the musical journey?

‘’We worked both on the album cover and the tracks, so the composition is linked. We took a decisive turn in our music and really wanted to get inspired by the music we listened to, and liked, and black metal is one of the genres we listen to, even we're still fond of symphonic metal with big orchestras. Maybe it is the fate of many bands to get heavier as time passes.

What inspired the Album? Musically and lyrically?

‘’We always liked dark tales, gothic literature and poetry, horror movies, symphonic black/death metal music. We began to listen very impressive bands as can be Carach Angren, Blackthorn, Candles and Wraiths, whose music and universe are absolutely fantastic, and which are an inextinguishable source of inspiration. To write the lyrics, I read a lot about occult sciences to divide the album theme into ten parts. It was fascinating to translate my readings into lyrics, with my own interpretation.

The vocals have many more styles. Is this to match the story and bring the listener into the music!

‘’I wanted to nuance my singing style because every track of this album has a different theme and so a different shade. Moreover, it mixes the point of view of the narrator of the tale because each song presents itself in a tale form, and the point of view of the character which lives in the story. So, we wanted the listener to live each track as a story someone could tell him/her.

It is a concept album? Based around the fallen angels? and Enoch the only human in Heaven who vouched for them before the flood?

‘’I don't think it is a concept album, at least I don't consider it in this way. We document a lot about the myth of Enoch and all that can be related to but, as the enochian language is part of occult arts, we decided to make something on occultism in all its forms. We talk about divination, alchemy, communication with the dead... We thought it was more relevant, that we could write a song independently from the others.

There is also a sense of darkness and the unholy trinity of the three witches, on the Mark of the Goat?

‘’Yes, it is the dark pendant of the Holy Trinity with God. Here, we talk about three witches which are summoning the Devil, and which can be related to Salem's story as well. In whispers, we can hear "Sigillum diabolicum" which is the latin translation of "Evil mark". Inquisition took this sentence to define every woman they suspected to be a witch, by every mark they could have on the body, to accuse them of witchcraft. In this song, it is a personal rewrite of this story, showing real witches who made a pact with the Devil.

The eeriness of Purgatory and the decision to perform it in French?

‘’What better way to start an album with a dark cover representing Baphomet, promising evil ambient, than something that looks like an incantation or a gloomy prayer? In fact, the text in French is an extract from the illustrious French poet Charles Baudelaire in his "Litanies de Satan". He is the very essence of French gothic culture, as can be Edgar Allan Poe in USA. It fitted perfectly to an introduction. This poem is heart touching and that is how we tried to communicate this feeling along our album.

It is a much darker offering and much more than symphonic metal?

‘’Even we really like symphonic metal with big orchestras, beautiful classical instruments, and lyrical voices, we wanted a massive touch of black metal. Obviously, we mixed all that we like in a song, so there are many influences in it. But that's what we wanted. Something that, we hope, will surprise the one who listened to our EP, and something maybe a bit unusual.

The plans to support the album?

‘’Music goes with videos, so we decided to make some videoclips. Otherwise, you can see the first single of our upcoming album here :

It is the sixth track of "Enochian Keys - Chvpter I".

We also wish to present the album on stage in France to begin. And somewhere else if that is possible.

The top 6 things you need when listening to "Enochian Keys - Chvpter I"

1 - Listening, before, great symphonic black metal bands

2 - Liking gothic and dreary creatures as witches, ghosts, vampires

3 - Being interested by occult sciences

4 - Liking to be surprised

5 - Holding and drinking a good beer

6 - Headbanging of course, but without spilling the beer!

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