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Winter Deluge

Winter Deluge have just unleashed their new EP Degradation Renewal via Osmose records. Hailing from Auckland New Zealand It is a short sharp burst of vehement Black Metal tinged with elements of death and Thrash metal four years in the making as drummer Nathan explains….

Degradation Renewal is huge but it's been a while coming?

Has it?

Does it go all the way to 11?

All the way to 11:11

It sounds apocalyptic. Is there a theme running throughout the ep


Is humanity doomed and does the title reflect that?

Was always doomed.

I've just been bashed by your brutal music. What description would I give to the cops?


Would you describe it as black metal or more of a pure metal record?

It is a type of plastic that is made from ethylene (found in crude oil) and chlorine (found in regular salt).

Have your influences changed between releases?

Not really no. I personally felt I smoked more weed while making this record though.

How has your playing progressed between releases.

It's getting there.

What is the perfect riff?

The main melody in the song "marrakesh express" by Crosby, Stills and Nash.

There is a lot of " true" metal out there these days. Is any of it real?

Nothing's real.

Are there new bands you are getting into?


What inspires you? Books? Music ? Art?

My bike.

Does the geographical isolation of NZ help or hinder the band?

Help. As we are less likely to be infected with Covid-19

How come Shepherds Reign gets all the NZ press and could you take em in a arm wrestle ?

Do they? Possibly that smaller guitarist.

How are the plans for world domination coming ?

Netflix and chill

The tour?

Refer to previous answer.

Plans for the future.Final thoughts?

See what develops.

The top 6 albums humans need for survival?

Motorhead - Another perfect day

Black Sabbath - Volume 4

Velvet Underground - Whitelight/whiteheat

Clandestine Blaze - Church of Atrocity

Morbid Angel - Covenant

Thin Lizzy - Bad Reputation

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