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Perchta - ’It is not aggression. It is rather an uncontrollable outburst of emotion''

‘’The journey and development we went through from the beginning until now is quite exceptional. First, Perchta was a vision to be fulfilled as a studio only project. The reception of “Ufång” led to voices longing for a live performance becoming louder. So, we became a live band. During the time on tour with Dornenreich in 2022 the bond between us grew so strong that it was clear that everyone would be involved in the creation process of our new album "D'Muata". You can hear the passion and dedication of everyone on the album, also because songwriting was a collective process. With a plethora of new influences and creative ideas our sound got more refined and developed into an even stronger expression of feelings and emotions. In our ongoing “IN NOMINE MATRIS” tour we celebrate these emotions on stage and share unforgettable moments together.



Frau Perchta (Vocals, Bladder fiddle, Percussion) is a force of nature that is reflected and projected through the atmospheric black metal that is Perchta. A collective that continues to explore the boundaries of extreme art combined with an intellect passion for the environment and originality. It is the modern that also embraces and uses their native musical traditions with an uncompromising vison. Their superb new album is "D'Muata" (“The Mother”) a remarkable personal piece that is celebration of love removed from the manipulations of history?


‘’To answer this question, we have to refer to the concept statement that goes with our release:


“Femininity, with all its wonderful facets, has received little attention in the musical niche in which we operate. We heard the call to dedicate ourselves passionately to this concept, and so the second album after "Ufång" is also cyclically structured and deals with elemental aspects of femininity. Our aim of this album is not to portray all characteristics and perspectives of a universal femininity - for us, it is too unbounded and individual to do it justice. As the name suggests, "D'Muata" places the fundamental focus on being born and gaining conscious by means of embodying the female elementary power and the responsibility towards life, being and becoming a mother in a musical way. Themes such as female sexuality, the stigma of menstruation, but also the loss of a child or violence against women, including femicide, are expressed and processed through our devotion and personal connections.”


‘’So as a summary, one could say the question is the answer already.

Is it the overall theme of the album, how do you describe unconditional love or is it indescribable? Hence Mother?


‘’The feeling of being a mother and the love for a child is an all-surrounding energy of pure positivity. It is incredibly fulfilling and the more of this unconditional love you give, the stronger the feeling becomes. It also shows what unconditional really means. In a fully egoistic decision to give the gift of life to a new human being, you have to internalize to never expect anything back.


‘’It also covers all aspects of the feminine including an unbreakable bond with nature.


‘’It plays into the overall concept that unites the two albums, as well as a third one that is already envisioned as part of the wholistic idea behind Perchta. "Ufång" was the cycle of nature and life, "D'Muata" is about the inner human cycle of existence, fuelled by the life-giving power of feminine. But it does not stop there, since giving birth is just one part of female existence and there are so many more aspects like the position in society, the connection with nature and what powerful contributions women can provide.


There are many vocal patterns and styles occurring throughout. Is it a release of both positive and negative energy?


‘’Over the time I learned to accept the figure of Perchta not as a role I play but as a higher entity that takes over. So, everything that comes out happens automatically and driven by internal energy and an overwhelming number of feelings. The vocal style that comes with it is purely chosen by the emotions of the moment, rather than a musical decision. Most of the time, the vocal flow of the song exists before we start to form the music around it.


The natural aggression?


‘Aggression is a feeling of confrontation, and Perchta ignites feelings in others by portraying and releasing emotions, not by confronting them. Especially during our live shows, we can feel the emotional connection with the audience.

This wouldn’t be the case if it was aggression that we portray.


Touched with some serenity?


‘’We love the extreme with harsh guitars, screams and blast beats, but it cannot be the catalyst for everything. Especially the sweet and tender sound of the hammered dulcimer we bring out the beautiful scenery that surrounds us in the Tyrolean Mountains as well as warm and heartfelt emotions. We do not let any expectations or musical boundaries control the way that we want to express ourselves.


You are without a doubt one of the most unique bands today. Was this intentional?


‘’It was not intentional, to be as unique as possible. It came very naturally to include elements of the area and culture we grew up in and that we experience on a daily basis. It is a part of us all and we want to share these inspirations through our music. There are endless possibilities ahead of us.


Do you find the black metal definition limiting?


‘’Black metal gives a rough direction, but we do not want to be limited by clear genre boundaries. Of course, we can be categorized as a black metal band, but we stay away from following stereotypes or trying to fit into predefined patterns. All band members have a very broad taste in music, ranging from Irish folk over Jazz/Blues and classical music. This allows us to find creativity and diversity when writing music.


The ritual and the importance of Tyrolean vernacular for your music?


‘’The Tyrolean dialect plays a crucial role for the Sound of Perchta. Not only does it fit perfectly with the overall atmosphere, but it is easiest for me to express my feelings and emotions in the language of my daily life. The lyrics are deeply personal and important for me, I think I wouldn't be able to express it in any other way.

How important is honesty and a true connection to one’s immediate environment?


‘’In the context of the band, the connection is very important. The bond between us is so strong that it feels like a family. It allows us to express ourselves freely on stage and when making music together. It's not just about musicians playing together, it's a real connection that we feel on stage. A stable, reliable social environment away from the music is the biggest pillar that supports the band. Making music, touring and all the effort that comes with it would not be possible for me as a mother if I didn't have the wonderful people around me. I am deeply grateful to them. It's also important for me to come home. Being in a quiet, peaceful, secluded place helps me to calm down and prepares me mentally to fully savour all the exciting moments that come with Perchta. This feeling of 'home' is completely detached from nationality, patriotism, or exclusionary feelings. It is the sum of the connection with the wonderful nature that surrounds me, in combination with the people I care about, that really makes my home a “home.”


The shades of darkness and light?


‘’While our latest album "D'Muata" doesn't specifically address the dichotomy of darkness and light, the values Perchta stands for allow us to explore these themes in a meaningful way, particularly through the message of birth and renewal.


 Is It Impossible to Have One Without the Other?


‘’Yes, it's impossible to fully appreciate one without the other. The dichotomy of darkness and light is fundamental to the human experience, with each giving meaning to the other. This duality is reflected in the broader themes we explore in our music, even if not explicitly in "D'Muata." Our work often touches on both the struggles and the strengths inherent in life's journey, much like the process of birth which embodies both pain and joy.


Is There a Balance?


There is a balance, though it can be delicate. Finding this balance is an ongoing process. Even though "D'Muata" focuses on feminism and women's struggles in society, the underlying values of facing adversity and finding strength reflect the balance between darkness and light. The theme of birth in our album symbolizes new beginnings and the cyclical nature of life, illustrating how light emerges from darkness.


How Does One Accomplish It?


‘’Achieving this balance involves embracing both the positive and negative aspects of life. It's about recognizing our strengths and weaknesses and understanding that both play a crucial role in our growth.


‘’Regular reflection on our experiences helps us find meaning and navigate the complexities of life. Expressing ourselves through music or other forms of art allows us to process emotions constructively, turning pain into beauty. Building strong connections with others provides support and reinforces the idea that we are not alone in our struggles. In Perchta, we use our music to explore and express these themes, aiming to help listeners find their own balance between darkness and light. The message of birth in "D'Muata" serves as a powerful metaphor for renewal and the interplay between hardship and hope. Through our stories and songs, we hope to inspire others to embrace all aspects of their experiences and find their own sense of harmony.

Final thoughts


‘’’We are deeply thankful to have the opportunity to be represented in a country like New Zealand. To see that our music and vision spreads worldwide fills us with honour. Thank you!


Top six albums of all time


I’m sorry, six aren’t enough, so here are seven!


“Hoagascht” by Lunar Aurora

“Her von welken Nächten” by Dornenreich

“Runaljod - gap var Ginnunga” by Wardruna

“Saldorian Spell” by Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult

“Two Hunters” by Wolves In The Throne Room

“Ashes Against The Grain” by Agalloch

“When We Are Death” by Hexvessel

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