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Tigguo Cobauc - ''We aim to immerse the listener in a dark, mysterious journey''

Reno Ramos (Bass/Vocals) There was undoubtedly significant progress in both our sound and composition, as usual. The band aimed to delve into darker atmospheres by incorporating keyboards, while I experimented with a more intense black metal vocal style in the songs.

"A Fountain Of Anguish Is Gone" is the new magnum opus by

, (the city of caves) formed in the sandstones of Nottingham in the UK, their music is ever evolving extreme art from doom and punk through to the bleakness of black metal that is atmospheric and vast. "A Fountain Of Anguish Is Gone" combines the use of the Enochian with the themes of tyranny.

‘’Yes, it's a fusion of our new style and the Enochian symbols we're currently incorporating. We aimed to elevate or discover a fresh image or theme for this album, perhaps one we'll continue to utilize in the future.

‘’The lyrics delve deep into themes of malevolence, depression, revenge, the desire to kill, sickness, and more. To me, desire is when you can't live without constantly thinking about doing something.

Should society revel in its baser instincts rather than those imposed by society?

‘’While there are basic rules that serve as guides for everyone, it's important to remember that they don't limit your ability to express yourself through art. Society can be harsh at times, yet succumbing to weakness in any circumstance inevitably leads to defeat. I believe there's a balanced perspective to be found in how we perceive things and behave.

It is also a heavier yet also more experimental album.

‘’I find that this album diverges from our first one as we endeavoured to enrich our sound by integrating keyboards and prolonging our screams. While both albums retain their heaviness, there's a discernible progression towards a darker aesthetic.

The almost psychedelic maelstrom of Tigguo Cobauc

‘’Yes, we aim to immerse the listener in a dark and mysterious journey through our music. We strive to evoke a range of emotions, hoping that listeners can resonate with some of these feelings and find identification within them.

Deliverance is quite the ending. Salvation or acceptance?

‘’In this song, 'deliverance' conveys being 'possessed by an angel,' which carries both positive and negative connotations, reminiscent of the fallen angel archetype. As for this track, it was an experiment we embarked on with Wayne. He brought forth the idea along with the lyrics, and we thought, why not? While the dark ambiance persists, in this particular narrative, it resonates more as an acceptance.

Is the language of angels or speaking in tongues integral to the magic of Tigguo Cobauc?

‘’Yes. The Enochian symbols play a vital role in the Tigguo Cobauc soundscape and imagery, serving as a wellspring of inspiration particularly for crafting the most atmospheric and doom-laden segments of TC. Our aim is to create a stereotype based on all the themes that inspire us. We utilize it not only in our music but also visually, extending to our artwork for merchandise.

It is not commonly used in today’s society.

‘’Luca (guitars)believes it's more of a research journey into our dark sides, cautiously delving into ourselves, as you never know what you might uncover. It's akin to exploring the new musical dimension of T.C., aptly titled 'Endless Darkness'.

The merging of doom punk and black metal? The heaviest form of music than can be created?

''Actually, I never thought about it, but it's definitely a great blend of styles.

Luca (Guitars)I believe extremism in music encompasses not only the musical elements but also the lyrics and themes. In T.C., it's about achieving an extreme balance between the heavy segments and the rapid riffs, with the keyboards adding a nearly twisted sound that works in symbiosis with the guitars.

Top 6 albums of all time?


 Into The Pandemonium - Celtic Frost

Leprosy - Death, Realm Of Chaos

Bolt Thrower

The Return - Bathory

Black Metal - Venom

To Mega Therion - Celtic Frost

Reno Ramos:


 Vulgar display of Power-Pantera

 Clayman-In Flames


 Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia- Dimmu Borgir

Slowly we rot-Obituary.

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