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Aquilus - '' I enjoy leaving the magic of music a mystery''

Updated: May 3

’Yes, it was one big album that grew into two separate volumes; Bellum II is the second half of the “journey”

Horace Rosenqvist is the sole creator of Aquilus, a musical project that defies convention time and all expectations. Bellum II is the completion of an eight-year masterwork, and it is a companion piece Bellum I. Part classical part folk part black metal it is a complete Avant Garde demanding musical experience, beautiful, haunting, yet also poweful and majestic with the combination of extreme and classical. It is a piece of textured art that allows for deeper exploration and perhaps introspection?

‘’Sure. I don’t know about it being more textured though, I thought it had similar depth to Bellum I, maybe people perceive it that way because the main songs are longer, so there are less breaks in the overall experience of the music? Some of the styles on Bellum II are less “blackened”, so it may appeal more to certain people than Bellum I.

The pallet of classical, folk, and extreme metal must provide a well spring of inspiration?

Yes, so many options to choose from, they are all elements I’m drawn to, and if done right can all work together, and it makes the music all the more richer. The composers I admire from those genres express similar emotions, but in different ways. So, to combine them all together within the metal sphere gives a fully varied experience.

Having a live line up help influence the dynamics of a song and its presentation from its original creation?

‘’Somewhat. There is only so much you can recreate on stage. The Grisues pieces we play have been perfected in a band setting over the years, and the timing and expression is better overall, the newer pieces are more like the album as much as we can recreate. So, it is different from the albums in some ways, and you can hear other elements of the compositions coming through too, which gives an alternate experience.

The majesty behind some of the musical sections whether extreme or classical?

‘’I guess. I’m not really sure where it comes from, it just comes out that way.

The fearlessness behind Bellum I and II? The importance of artistic freedom and the unimportance of time to finish your work?

‘’Things take as long as they need to take, I’m not going to rush anything just to have it released quickly, I’d rather produce a few ‘great’ albums in my lifetime, that I’ve given everything I have to give into them. Rather than lots of just okay ‘mediocre’ albums I’ve released just for the sake of it.  Quantity over quality, that doesn’t make sense to me with creating art.

Do you allow for improvisation? A night to her Gloam contains almost everything across its incredible 16 minutes?

‘’There is no improv with the recordings with my work on Aquilus, aside from sifting through endless improv ideas when writing/composing the parts, while all the pieces are being shaped into their final form and then recorded.

And Mystery there are somethings that do not require explanation?

‘’I can’t explain most of it, even if I tried, so I don’t bother. I enjoy leaving the magic of music a mystery for the most part.

Plans for the future? and new releases, will we get another masterwork or something else entirely?

‘’We’re currently planning some European shows for next year, and I am currently working on a purely ‘acoustic’ Aquilus album with various different instruments and styles, which is entertaining me at the moment, I’m kind of taking a break after the Bellum albums, I thought this would be more relaxing but there is no escape! I’m also mapping out the next ‘metal’ album for Aquilus, all the main ideas are already there and just need to be sculpted and finalized.

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