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Through The Oculus - “‘It's very important to us having both beauty and darkness''

Through The Oculus hail from California USa and are not your average metal band. Hug riffs are often accompanied by haunting vocal melodies. This four piece have a very diverse musical background and are not afraid to push the boundaries of Melody and Metal as heard on their self titled Debut album

Beginning the album with a beautiful harmony?

‘’It was important because it is the precursor of the album.’’

Combining the beauty with the brutal

“‘It's very important to us having both beauty and darkness have an equal balance, alot of it does come naturally because of our dynamic.

Lyrical inspiration

‘’Some of the songs come from past experiences in Sarah's personal life while others are creations from her imagination.


‘’We are influenced by everything but the major influence is music.

Sarah's impressive vocal range.

‘’Sarah's vocal range is all self taught and she is always learning new techniques. Her inspiration is Floor Jansen and Ronnie James Dio.

Through The Oculus Goals.

‘’Our ultimate goal is to be a international touring band that makes a living off our music

Being Labelled metal

‘’Yes, we are perfectly happy being categorized as a metal band.

‘’There is no misconception with harmonies in metal in our opinion, it has been around since the beginning of metal's conception.

Does songwriting come easily , and what's next?

‘’Yes we love staying busy as a band, writing doesn't always come easy but we love the process. And for our new music, we are staying quiet about it for now.

What is Dystopian Love ?

‘’Dystopian Love is a toxic love story.

Top 6 albums of all time ?

Symphony x - Divine Wings Of Tragedy

Iron Maiden - Powerslave

Dio - Holy Diver

As I Lay Dying - Shadows Are Security

Type O Negative - October Rust.

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