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Teraset - ''Heaviness is only one aspect of what we do''

Lee Mallet (Guitars) ‘’Teraset began as Lee's recording project with a few former bandmates in 2017 and eventually became a full live band as Will, Ralph and now Jakob came on board.

The new album Bones of Contention.

‘’It took us about a year to write and a year to finalise and record.

Maybe because it's tuned down more it seems heavier. We believe all of our stuff is relatively similar heaviness wise, although we do like to mix up dynamics.

The themes behind it.

‘’More the embracing of true humanity, without outside influence and modification. The truth within.

Where does Far Removed come from?

‘’Far removed is a tale that encompasses the worst in us... people who fail to deal with and move beyond their own bad experiences from childhood,

and end up recreating the nightmare for the next generation of their family - alcohol and drug abuse,

''Domestic violence and child abuse are all things that plague our society.

It is a cautionary tale.

On Being Labelled death metal.

‘’We grew up with it, this is the music that resonated with us as teens, long before social media as it's currently known. We like the honesty and energy.

Maybe it's vital because it has no real boundaries, which makes it a pretty powerful medium for artistic expression.

''Death metal is extremely cathartic, it can also be energising and inspirational.

We all have pretty varied tastes, Lee and Will like old school thrash and death, Ralph likes the old but also the more modern stuff from post 2000s.

Jakob likes a very diverse catalogue of metal as well. This may have to do with the division of ages within the band.

''We all respect each other's tastes. Music is music.

''Some influences work better within the Teraset formula, however.

Not sure if there was ever a moment where we decided we were a death metal band, it was a bit more natural than that with us, there is a lot of former experience in this band.

Lee & will have been playing metal since the early 90's and Ralph had his own death metal band before Teraset.

The very nature of Teraset...

‘’Heaviness is only one aspect of what we do, each time we do something it will have different flavours.

Becoming heavier is not really the

objective - finding our own sound and

developing what we do is... and if that makes us heavier or not is fine by us.

We are looking to explore and create new ideas within our band's self-imposed musical parameters.

The New Zealand and Auckland scene...

‘’New Zealand has a good scene, though

Auckland has suffered in recent years due to the loss of the venue called "The Kings Arms".

Other areas of NZ however are doing quite well, so although we have played Auckland a few times recently we have tended to play around the country instead of Auckland in the last few years.

Plans for the future?

‘’We will certainly be playing shows to support the release of the Bones of Contention album with some other bands who are good friends of ours. We have also already written half the next album but that will be some time away.

Top 6 albums of all time?

‘’Impossible to answer! So many... so this could change to tomorrow ha-ha!

Disincarnate - Dreams of the Carrion Kind

Death - Spiritual Healing

Morbid Angel - Alters of Madness

Carcass - Descanting the Insalubrious

Obituary - Cause of Death

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