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Sorguinazia - ''Black metal is this perfect art form''

‘’ Finally bubbling from the primordial ooze, a new release is nearing completion… ‘’’Declares Xolaryxis (Vocals, Guitars). Sorguinazia are a primal force of black metal nature. Unperturbed by the current trends that threaten to engulf the underground, ‘’ Negation of Delirium’’ is a jagged, furious piece of extreme art that conjures chaos, intellect, and an inescapable sense of inevitability. It is a raw harrowing experience that thrives on atmosphere and the primeval.


The departure of Acxzor and new addition of new devotees.


‘’Acxzor has left many parting gifts, including drum recordings for this and the next release.  However, a live drummer has recently entered the fold, so live performances are being scheduled as well.


The Negation of Delerium is an incredible visceral debut, its creation took some time.


‘’Thank you.  And yes, it certainly took much longer than expected.  Setbacks, completion of only tangentially relevant achievements… physical and psychological ailing.  With great effort these obstacles were eventually overcame to bring that release forward.  We even struggled with the cover art, and after long stories with 2 different commissions, went with the blood and ink painting by yours truly. 


Ite will never be repeated stylistically…


‘’No, I couldn’t repeat it even if I wanted to.    I take a rather improvised/stream-of-consciousness approach so making the same album twice would be like having the exact same dream twice.  The upcoming tracks have a more swampy feel to them, no loss of force or mania, but more dark than Negation. 


The primal fury that is your music. Its defiant spirit of independence.


‘’I had someone refer to the aggression as “hatred”, but ‘primal fury’ is more accurate.  The source? Some blend of Will-To-Power, energy/life-force, rage, sorrow, grief, lust… It’s a representation of what lives in my gut, my chest, and whatever beyond that speaks through these poor hands, my sacrifice.  


‘’Maybe that is why it seems independent.  That primal force is filtered from no other place than my body.  It’s not mediated by anything else.  


It traces back first independent woman Lilith.


‘’The way that Sorguinazia became dedicated to and intertwined with Lilith occurred by fate and fortune. As cliche as it might sound, I view her as the daemon of Complete Female Freedom - the costs are at times terrible, but there is enlightenment and deliciousness in equal measure.  Her worship and evocation should not be taken lightly, especially by men. 


The combination of intellect and aggression. No fiercer weapon.


‘’There is indeed some special potency within Pens and swords…. 



The physical and metaphysical? Darkness and light... 


‘’Everything and Nothing, creation, and destruction.  Everything intertwined, reliant on everything else… No grasping or aversion… total flow… Loving death and hell, hating life and heaven, and vice versa simultaneously… Rather boring really! 



Black metal as your creative outlet...


‘’Black metal is this perfect art form - there is so much variety, from complex chords to caveman brutalism, there’s few other genres that express the raw feeling of spiritual exaltation, disgust, triumph, defeat.  There are so many albums that articulate and convey deep emotions and perceptions I feel that were almost unknown to myself.  Plus 6/8 drumbeats fix all problems and cure all diseases! 

Aside from the music itself - I am deeply honoured by the black metal maniacs who reached out to me and jammed with me in the beginning, and now… My entire life I was very alone - too weird/eccentric/feral for normal people but not degenerate enough for drug addicts/dropouts.  Especially as a musician, there are few places for me aside from black metal. Here, even in my twitching, malformed, anomalous existence there are those who see value in me and my work. 


Final thoughts


Top 6 albums of all time? 


I had to add the 7th, sorry. 


Furze - Necromanzee Cogent 

Sigh - Scorn Defeat 

Infernal Majesty - None Shall Defy 

Xibalba Itzaes - Ah Dzam Pop Ek 

Nirvana - Bleach 

Beherit - Drawing Down the Moon 

The Wipers - The Circle ‘



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