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Resonance - Necrophobic - Night Slasher - Svart Lotus

Necrophobic – In the Twilight Grey                        9/10


Sweden’s Necrophobic return with their tenth full-length opus In the Twilight Grey, that not only celebrates the thirty plus anniversary of the band but the complete line-up from 2018’s “Mark Of The Necrogram” returns with another maelstrom of deathened black metal.

More melodic than their peers Necrophobic mark In the Twilight Grey with vast memorable twin guitar harmony passages. Yes, this is an extreme record and very much so, but it is also a celebration of all things metal! Grace of the Past is blistering with a killer main riff to accompany the speed and excellent double kick work, yet its mid-section is rousing true metal and a real solo that soars above the madness that is their music. ‘’As stars Collide” is pure Scandinavian majesty an epic beast of song with keys and vocal layering. ‘’ “Nordanvind” with its double kick attack moves into a more experimental black metal atmosphere, with its unique time signatures and guitar work, a clear intent that the bands refuse to stand still and continues to push themselves musically. Whilst the guitar work remains exemplary crosses between the harmonious and the coldness of black metal it never overshadows the extremity as the 2/4 attack that is the purity of ‘’ Stormcrow’’ or the epic highlight that is the title track.

In the Twilight Grey is an intense ride through extreme music with moments of madness tempered by subtlety and texture. Necrophobic deliver another record of incredible musicianship and the seamless merging of genres that can only described as blistering in its intensity and focus.


Night Slasher – Night Slasher                   9/10

Hailing from the depths of Vilnius, Lithuania Night Slasher are the exponents of true speed metal madness. Their debut self-titled offering to the metal gods is pure unadulterated metal majesty.


Night Slasher is musical devastation, with an ear for the early European speed metal masters (before it became thrash), every track on this album is a brief unbridled musical attack that pulses with pure raw energy, frenzied yet always focused. Musical influences are apparent but the blistering power of ‘’Pit of Hate’’ is unmissable with its fury and time changes. ‘’Tower ‘’ might start slow with doom-infected vibes before it sets off on its own mid-tempo assault that is relentless. Night slasher if fast using real speed, with manic solos and the pure eighties voice of Laurynas Karka that commands his heathens to battle on the power that is ‘’ Black Trip’’’ and the classic heavy metal that is ‘’ ”Clyster Lizard”. “Liver Ripper’’ carries a Sabbath-esque feeling whilst eternal hails must go to Juozapas Bočkus’ and his constant frenzied guitar work.


Music for maniacs and those who love true Heavy Metal Night Slasher is a raw speed-infused frenzy of a trip through the darkness and pure hate-fueled aggression. It remembers the annals and the proud history that is true metal and creates pure metal for those who are true!



Svart Lotus – Som et vondt år                   9/10

Norwegian black metal band Svart Lotus, deliver their second grand opus of noise and anger. From what began as a side project to 1349’s Seidemann, Som et vondt år is the evolution and important existence of a musical entity that carries its own unique identity.

From the spoken word denouement over a true melancholic riff that heralds ‘’Svart Lotus’’ Som et vondt år is a distinct and conjured entity. The presence that infuses ‘’Lurking Fear’’ and its slower sections is no less powerful than the supernaturally infused ‘’Cryptic Lights”” and its intense solo work provided by guest Jarrett “Nekronatalenheten” Pritchard before it delves into an Avant Garde sonic maelstrom of emotion and aggression. It an engrossing listen, that on the first attempt might seem too much, but repeated concentrations find the subtle ambiguous bass parts and the chilling intensity that marks Highlight ‘’ Hat og forakt’. Its chilling acoustic passages and large clean vocals are an accompaniment to the chaos and hellish vocalised screams as the track transitions seamlessly through its journey into different realms of utter heaviness and sentiment with a lurching midsection that is as alluring as it is unforgiving.

This is also true unapologetic black metal, that carries the frenzy and cold aggression that is true to the genre. Svart Lotus carries an inherent violence in their music that is unapologetic and is a constant companion to the melancholy within. Som et vondt år is demanding and rightly so, creating listenable yet uncompromising music that commands your complete attention.  Raw, powerful, and primal in its honesty Som et vondt år is an essential experience.

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