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Updated: Nov 2, 2022

KRVNA – For Thine is the Kingdom of the Flesh 9.5/10

Literally, on the anniversary of the previous release, Sempinfernus Australian one man multi-instrumentalist Krvna returns with the eagerly awaited follow-up’’ For Thine is the Kingdom of the Flesh’’, a continuation of the subterranean horrors that is as grandiose as it is restless.

The progression from the debut to For Thine is the Kingdom of the Flesh is staggering. This is a more immediate highly aggressive album with its savagery clearly on display. Every track is more nuanced yet no less brutal, the melancholic solos are tempered by the aggressive blast beats, and the haunting piano is offset by the guttural nuances of the vocals. ‘’ The Flaming Hordes of Basarab’’ is as epic a journey to the depths of hell and history as it gets. Album Closer ‘’…Death Shall Have No Dominion’’ is so jaw-droppingly good as is the equally virtous ‘’ Gethsemane Ablaze’’, this album is a masterclass of talent and intensity. From the first track to the last the six on display are excellent bordering on brilliant opuses of epic extremity that is driven by the infernal power of Black metal and total commitment to the art. This is a deeper exploration of immortality and philosophy that is engrossing and enriched by an excellent recording.

‘’For Thine is the Kingdom of the Flesh’’ combines the vampiric elements fused with organised religion and history to create a blasphemous offering that seamlessly combines modern unfiltered black metal with some ethereal moments to create a soundtrack of utter horror. For Thine is the Kingdom of the Flesh is a lurking, predatory, highly addictive, beast of an album and a defining statement in modern Black Metal. Highly recommended!

Remina - STRATA 9.5/10

STRATA is not so much the debut album of Duo Mike Lamb – (guitars, bass, drums, synthesizers) and Heike Langhans – (vocals, synthesizers) but the creation of a style that they call Cosmic Doom, their own defining statement of art.

Strata is an alluring album that draws you in with its beautiful elements and also its immensely heavy ones. Multi-layered it is ethereal and simultaneously tangible, the synthesis of many ideas that is delivered passionately and honestly without pretension that is all dedication and musical excellence.

The pedigree of both musicians is without question. The haunting Beauty that is ‘’Icarus Signal” and is gradual ascent is matched by “Obsidian” and its unknowable qualities of sharp edges and smooth surfaces. “The Endless City” is simply stunning and a track you will revisit many, many times. Its epic nature does not feel nearly long enough, Heike’s vocals are superb and creative zenith of ideas and wonderful riffs matched by a superb arrangement and pacing.” Back In Time” captures the gothic elements with its moments of wistful longing and keyboards.

Transformative, captivating, and eloquent it both its ability to be both beautiful and heavy. “Ilos” is the perfect combination of grandiose execution and the symbiosis of both cosmology and mythology.” Dying Sun” and its atmosphere is otherworldly yet tied to reality with simply great heavy riffs and an immense crescendo.

STRATA is a stunningly mature debut that seamlessly merges thoughts and inspirations without sacrificing any of them. This is the start of something truly special that is unique and excellently created. Defying superlatives and tags to label them Remina is the creation and celebration of life and the universe. Highly recommended.

Euphrosyne- Keres 9/10

On completing your first listen there is something that gnaws at your subconscious as you hit the repeat button. Keyes is not so much an EP as a journey that is as beautiful as it is barbaric.

From the subtle beauty of the title track and its dark undertones this is an incredibly visual album , from the noir filled brass that conjures dark lamp filled streets as the tale of “Within the Ages “ is told it then delves into some truly incredibly brutal work that never looses its melody, the layers of vocals lines combined with the utterly black and dulcet melodies.

This Ep is a truly heavy piece of art this isn’t afraid to stretch out and transform bleak twisted rhythms to the gorgeous and symphonic, throw in some pop sensibilities and you have a recording that is as brilliantly uncompromising as it is daring. Efi Eva (vocals) are daunting, challenging and provocative, able to go from the melodious to the savage without losing any of the purpose, and is perfectly accompanied by the guitar of Alex Despotidis, that riff on Sister of Violence is as heavy as the ethereal moments heard on Sunbringer. ''Black Opal '' is another excellent instrumental interlude whilst’’ Pale Days’’ is proof The Greek duo (now joined by George Gazis - bass and Kostas Mamalis -drums) have mastered the art of subtlety and the devastating delivery that only black metal can deliver.

Euphrosyne have presented a stunning debut that they are self-releasing digitally, full of many textures capturing the emotions of darkness and light that is tangible and visceral.

New to the genre? Keep this up and they’ll end up titans of it. Keres is exceptional.

Teraset – Bones of Contention 8/10

“Far removed kicks things off ominously and the build-up is tangible. New Zealand's Teraset excel in delivering bludgeoning brutal death metal and their third record Bones of Contention damn well proves it.

The title track is a pile driver of huge riffs and crushing rhythms the solos measured yet no less destructive. ‘’In Absentia Lucis’’ delivers more bludgeoning old school death metal that is full of vitriol and loathing for ignorance Ralph Broadley’s vocals are guttural yet clear and drummer Will Stairmand provides tough pounding percussion that is as dynamic as the double kick work is heavy.

Bones of Contention breathes and seethes with ample amounts of anger and energy, it is musically tight and efficient in delivering its message ‘’ Soul Prosthesis’’, and’’ Homogeneous Sapien’ are more highlights whilst ‘’ All That Ever Was’’ is more pure death metal goodness that lingers long after it’s pummelled the senses into submission.

Bones of Contention is a death metal record for those who love their music pure, unadulterated, and damn heavy. ‘’Soul Prosthesis’’ delivers more heavy excellence on a record that is proud of its heritage and is full of solid pounding heaviness for all death metal fans to enjoy

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