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Erzsebet - ''The objective is to evoke an atmosphere

The evolution of Erzsebet and your new album six hundred and fifty?

Angelvs Guitars, Keyboards) ‘’To be honest, I firmly believe that we have climbed a step on the ladder. With this album we wanted to consolidate that conceptual idea that we germinated with "The Blasphemous Lady." We hope to live up to what is expected of us. For our part, we have reserved some surprises for those who attend our shows this year...‘’We have currently been making final revisions with our label to set a release date on the calendar. We hope to launch it this summer.

It continues the mythology of countess Bathory, and the number is of important significance to her victims?

‘’That's how it is! The legacy of what we wrote in TBL is reflected in "Six Hundred and Fifty." Not only in terms of style, but also on a conceptual level.‘’The album is divided into three acts, each one marking an important milestone in the legend. We wanted to explore not only the darkest hours, but also the thoughts and concepts that navigated through the character's mind. This time, you will find a big part of ourselves in the lyrics of the album.

Why does the Countess continue to be such a source of inspiration? Is it an ever-evolving myth that only grows with time?

‘’For us it was always clear, we wanted to build a musical-theatrical concept that flirted with the dark, the macabre and at the same time beautiful. The legend of Erzsébet Bathory brims with all these elements.‘’On the other hand, as you say, the myth attracts many, whether because of the morbidity, the blood or the underlying Serial Killer line.‘’It is possible that all these things, today, are evolving, just as happens with the horror genre in cinema or literature.

 It is a very grandiose album as Wherefore  shows. Was it an album that took a long time to create? When can we expect it?

‘’The truth is that at the composition level, it took us a long time. It was deliberate, we took some time designing the album. We wanted to express something very specific. From all the written material we have meticulously chosen each of the songs for this album.

 Is it constant search to create a unique sound?

‘’Completely! Although the references of all the members of the band are many and very different, I believe that our music is nourished by all of this. The work behind Erzsébet is constant. You can find very old school riffs contrasted with a frenetic breakdown typical of current metal. We do not limit ourselves to exploring sounds, the objective is to evoke an atmosphere, and we care little whether or not that fits with the label they give us.

The merging of symphonic and black metal. Does the subject inspire the music or does a particular piece create a visual element?

‘’Our creative process is born from an idea, an image, an emotion. From there we add elements until we achieve the "image" that we have projected. Although sometimes locking yourself in the studio by candlelight works...

The commanding presence and the vocals of Erzsebet!  Does the subject matter require such strength and commitment to embody the persona?

‘’Of course! The character that our vocalist embodies is extremely studied. Our interpretation of the Countess is fed by legend, by the infamous acts that grew up around the historical figure and obviously all this must radiate strength, energy, evil and horror.

 Does classical literature inspire compositions ?

’Yes, in fact Erzsébet would not be what she is without the inspiration of:- Edgar Alan Poe- H.P Lovecraft- Baudelaire's Fleur Du Mal- Dennis Wheatley - Black Magic Stories- Biographical books and novels based on the life of Erzsébet Bathory

 Are you comfortable with being labelled symphonic black metal?+

‘’To tell the truth, we are not overly concerned about being labelled in a genre. We know that we like Black Metal and that symphonic elements are part of our DNA. Our shows are especially theatrical, should we label ourselves as "Theatrical Black Metal"?

‘’The truth is that we don't see much importance in that. We are an extreme metal band, very similar to Black Metal and we have many influences. We prefer to leave these topics to you, who will surely be more correct than us (laughs)

Final thoughts‘’We hope you like "Six Hundred and Fifty" as much as we do. May those who discover the band with this album be encouraged to come to one of our shows. Who knows, maybe one day we can even make it to New Zealand!

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