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Resonance- Frozen Dawn - Glyph - WitcheR- Sirrush

Frozen Dawn - The Decline of the Enlightened Gods 9/10

One listen to ‘’Oath of the Forgotten Past and its blistering lead and memorable riff is confirmation of Frozen Dawn’s immense talents. The Decline of the Enlightened Gods isn’t just an album it’s a statement of glorious black metal intent that is imbued with old school sensibilities, tonnes of speed and emphatic vitriol.

The death metal influences add to the dynamics that contains a melody and some excellent percussion. ‘’Frozen Kings’’ is a tough old school anthem that simply bludgeons and is instantly memorable its eighties feel conjures real metal and is delivered in raw excellent fashion. There is an element of thrash whilst their cover of Necrophobic’s ‘’Blinded by Light, Enlightened by Darkness’’ is intense as hell.

Razor sharp with a touch of the epic title track ‘’ The Decline of the Enlightened Gods” is the consummate Frozen dawn track, great leads, bludgeoning metal rhythms a pure black metal approach and Dani Grinder’s excellent vocals, its not without its subtleties, but Frozen Dawn excel at metal, real metal that is uncompromising, raw and yet accomplished and full of purpose.

‘’ Cosmic Black Chaos’’ and ‘’ Oath of Forgotten Past’’ are more blackened classics s that are aware of their roots that further push the boundaries of speed and intensity, whilst “The Fall of Aeons’’ offers the briefest moments of rest.

The Decline of the Enlightened Gods is a devastatingly brutal album that is quite simply their best and everything you could conceive in a metal album that has no remorse or regrets. Recommended.

Glyph – The Time of Peril 9/10

Glyph doesn’t just create music, it is a ritual, a ceremony, the conjuring of a musical force that cares little for modern sensibilities or conventions. The Time of Peril continues this mindset, a dark one that takes the idea of post black metal and experimentation to new depths of the human psyche.

Raw unfiltered and impassioned the juxtaposition of the briefest of melodies ‘’On the last Day “with its primal fury is defiant and true to a singular vision. The template of Black metal is the gateway to a new realm that is fully realized on “’’Travesties of the Written Word” the atmosphere is thick and cloying, it Is hot with rage and yet cold in its assault Glyph conjures its own dualities and creates its own unique sonic terror that touches the inner core , scarring it, leaving a mark on your ignorance “Hearken Unto They Fearful Heart “ defines this in two minutes and thirty seconds. “The Efforts of the Ages laid Waste’’ conjures some first wave of black metal terror and then plunges it to new depths of madness and isolated dissonant hell.

Scathing haunting and uncompromising Glyph conjure the sort of terrifying soundscapes that linger long after they have been heard. The Time of Peril captures the essence of creative freedom form a darkened restless heart that is angry, hurt, and full of rage.

WitcheR - Lélekharang 9/10

Formed in 2010 Hungarian duo Vocalist/guitarist Roland Neubauer and keyboardist Karola Gere are the essence of WitcheR. An Act that is unafraid to pursue, challenge and entrap the listener with their haunting yet eloquent atmospheric Black Metal.

Lélekharang (Soul Bell) is the duos third full length, and it is their finest work. From the haunting ‘’Intro”’ and Karola’s gentle piano through to the driving riffs of ‘’Hamvak ‘’ Lélekharang is a magical transportive combination of black metal and utterly simplistic beauty. The title track is a challenging yet uplifting journey full of cinematic inducing visuals and compelling passages.’’ Csendesen’’ (Peacefully) continues the rich textures and harmonious merging of the opposing styles that comes from not only the highest level of musicianship but true passion and devotion to their music. It is an album you feel rather than just listen to.

Unhurried complex and elegant Moonlight Sonata Op. 27. No. 2. I. Adagio sostenuto, the Ludwig van Beethoven tribute is confirmation of WitcheR’s musical skill, the bold choice is pure WitcheR, daring and accomplished and is a fitting coda to the preceding track that is ‘’Hazatérés’’ (Homecoming) with its long warm and instantly memorable keyboard passages juxtaposed by the guitar work and harsh vocals

Lélekharang is a balanced nuanced enticing piece of art that embodies the classical sense with the atmosphere of extreme black metal and some beautifully skilled synth work to create a defining piece of work. The journey is all too brief, yet it is entrancing and epic. Faithfull to tradition and history Lélekharang is a highly recommended conceptual offering that needs to be visited many, many times.

Sirrush – Molon Labe 8.5/10

Sicily’s Sirrush stunned the underground with their debut Ep the Era of Išhtar in 2011 and have been silent ever since. The trio have returned 11 long years later with Molon Labe. A conceptual offering that recounts the Journey of the Greeks against the Persians in 480BC.

A soundtrack to war should be furious and without mercy and Molon Labe is exactly that. From the ominous intro ‘’ The Path of Heroes’’, ‘’Deimos’’comes at you with a military infused march that becomes something that is best described as blistering. The riffs are worthy of the titans and the drumming is next level insanity. ‘’A Son Set His Father Free’’ is a favourite that is unrelenting deathened black metal whether it be mid paced or at 270bpm. Its s not all barrage and destroy, there are some brief moments of subtlety with some heavenly choir highlights that never detract from the onslaught. ‘’ With Your Shield. or on It’’ is defiant and a patriotic call to arms against oppression, its so fast and utterly heavy that it is neck crackingly good stuff. The devil is in the details and Sirrush offer plenty of them and it is an album that can be enjoyed for its immediacy and also its textures. ‘’When The Muses speaks to Us’’ offers restrained inspiration whilst ‘’ The Last Glorious Echo’’ is savage and utterly uncompromising with its swirling riffs and intensity

An excellent jaw droppingly accomplished slab of vitriolic deathened black metal Molon Labe is the perfect soundtrack to musical Armageddon. A rare gem that is pure aggression and technical skill. it is a memorable unyielding, defiant, and supremely heavy offering. Highly recommended.

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