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Orbyssmal - ''More horrendously evil music is always in motion.''

Orbyssmal is ....

‘’A play on words and wanting an entirely unique moniker essentially. Simply meaning we are nothing in this complex universe. More horrendously evil music is always in motion.

The importance of the underground and releasing on cassette?

‘’The underground will always reign supreme. That's where the honesty and integrity lives. No bullshit, and all the soul. I love cassette and always will. I think many can relate as this was how we listened and also shared back in tape trading days, though not as common these days, it does still exist. I still purchase everything in physical format. Cd, vinyl and cassette. It simply does not feel real otherwise. Music has in a way become more disposable and worthless in the digital age. Gone are the days when you would save money to buy a cd, generally 30 dollars, and you would listen to it in it's entirety. As an album should be digested.

Who are you denouncing/ cursing with your new album Execrate?

‘’Hopefully the entirety of modern society.

it is much darker and more chaotic than Abstracthorrific.

‘’Very much so. Abstracthorrific being my second full length release, I feel Orbyssmal has naturally progressed in the releases to follow. Especially this one. I find this release to be the best representation of what Orbyssmal is portraying.

Is Black metal the ideal music for you to represent your dissonance and distaste for the environment around you ?

‘’In a sense yes. But the same could be said of any extreme form of the arts.

Are the themes on Execration the basis for forming Orbyssmal? and Does being a one person project allow you the freedom to express yourself without boundaries

‘’One hundred percent. Yes having total control over Orbyssmal I feel as though I am not shackled down to adhere to any specific sounds. What comes to fruition is entirely organic. That's a freeing feeling.

Being labelled Death/black metal?

‘’This sums up the sound perfectly i believe. I use the term blackened death. Even avant-garde. A big melting pot of audible chaos and terror.

What is true extreme music ?

‘’Any artist or band that pushes the boundaries of what is considered the norm or generally acceptable to the masses. But let's just pay homage to where it began here in Australia, Sadistik Exekution!!!

You have been very busy over the last 2 years ? Does inspiration come easy for you? where does it come from ?

‘’Very easily. This is by far the most natural/organic vessel i have created music through. Nothing is forced. Inspiration can come from many things. Hate. Organised religion. Society. The stupidity of the general population. And through bands that have engrained their influence into my soul.

Execration seems very grounded in reality rather than the fanciful ?

‘’There are themes of otherworldly beings and entities throughout. But this is projected in a very real way. Due to the vocals being deliberately indecipherable for the most part, this is not entirely obvious to the listener.

What disappoints you about modern extreme/black metal? and are there any new bands that have gotten your attention ?

‘’Each to their own. But metal for fashion especially black metal can fuck right off. Lots of new stuff, also lots of not so new stuff. Spirit In The Room are incredible, The Amenta latest album has been on constant rotation, Drugoth, Rvbbervvitch, Milopkl, Dragged Into Sunlight, Astral Tomb, Snet, etc

You also have a lot of noise and chaos in your music .

‘’In some ways yes. But more subconsciously. Big fan of horror and psychological thrillers.

Top 7 releases of all time

Almost impossible to choose only 7 but here are some that would be in my list

In no particular order:

Sadistik Exekution - The Magus

Portal - Outre

Pantera - Cowboys from Hell

Vomitor - Pestilent Death

Slayer - South of Heaven

Damaged - Do not spit

Sepultura - Arise

Nuclear Death - Carrion for worm

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