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Lutharo- '' Metal represents power, freedom, truth''

''Lutharo is a heavy metal band from Hamilton Ontario. The band started back in 2014 as a fun project fresh out of high school and quickly developed into something very serious and driven. ‘’

Krista Shipperbottom is the voice of Lutharo, a pure metal band, that evokes passion and the need to raise your fist in the air.

‘’Lutharo is my first and only project. However, I did discover my passion for singing very early in life. I was singing before I could talk. When it comes to metal though, high school was when I found my love for it and finally felt like I found something that was truly me.’’

‘’I have so many influences from so many different genres. If we are talking specifically metal though, Angela Gossow has to be my number one influence. She is what gave me the guts to learn how to scream. ‘’

The calling of music is reflected in the bands name Lutharo for destiny.

''Definitely destiny, a little bit of manifestation and a whole lot of blood sweat and tears.’’

‘’ We are extremely proud to be labelled as metal! Metal represents power, freedom, truth, self-expression and so much more. We are honoured to be a part of such an amazing community. ‘’

‘’We are still struggling to find a genre at which Lutharo fits into. It’s kind of the lost and found bin of bands... a little bit of everything.’’

Lutharo’s new EP Wings OF Destiny

‘’ Wings of agony is a story about someone trying to pursue their passion but having to fight through all of the obstacles on their journey even if it almost kills them because the thought of not succeeding would kill them more. The “wings” symbolizing the strength and freedom that your passion brings to your life and “agony” being the suffering you’re put through in the process.’’

There is a positivity in Krista’s Lyricism and that of standing strong for one’s own beliefs.

‘’ I choose to write lyrics in this way because I want people to feel empowered in their everyday lives. I prefer to write about my everyday experiences/ lessons I have learned from them in hopes to connect deeper to our audience. If you are not writing something true from the heart, how do you expect others to believe in it?’’

That includes the line What is Chasing Devotion that's Leading You Blind

“’Those lyrics specifically represent chasing after a dream you don’t know will actually come true, but you still follow it wherever it may lead you. ‘’

‘’ The “devil” in the lyrics “I shook hands with the devil himself” from the song “Will to Survive” are written about how in order to pursue your passion or dream in life you kind of need to sell your soul a little bit. Like making a deal with the devil one would say.’’

Current events and larger ongoing issues are an influence’.

‘’I would say a little bit of both. Obviously, there are things in life that are an on-going struggle which can tend to be a trend in my writing style but every day is a new battle and I am constantly coming across challenges to find inspiration in.’’

‘’ I am very inspired by spirituality (not religion). I meditate regularly in order to feel more connected to myself and the earth. ‘’

The ‘Blood Lightning’ video reflects the energy and muscle that is Lutharo

‘’Blood Lightning is a super fun light spirited song until you listen to the lyrics (I love to use contrast). It definitely showcases our endless energy the most on this EP. ‘’

The new album currently in production and what comes first the riff or vocals?

‘’This new album has an even more mature and diverse sound to it. Having the time to practice and write like crazy due to Covid 19, we were able to really explore our musical abilities so there is no doubt this album will be a mixed bag of tricks.’’

The Lack of live shows has sped up the new album

For sure! We had definitely planned on releasing a full-length album anyways, but this has definitely sped up the process.’’

‘’Usually guitar riffs will be written first and vocals will follow. However sometimes a vocal pattern will inspire a guitar harmony or lick.”

The greatest metal song of all time is …

‘’Yikes! That is way too hard to answer.’’

Your top 6 albums ever?

Too many to choose from! I will just tell you my favourite album ever is Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath.

And the most underrated album in her collection

‘’ Dead and Alive by Parasite Inc.’’

Their local Hamilton scene is a strong one.

‘’Before Covid 19 happened yes, we would say the metal scene in Hamilton was strong. There were constant shows being put on and a very tight family of metal heads. ‘’

And the thing that makes Canadian Bands unique.

‘’Canadian metal bands can sometimes be underestimated in our experience, but this only makes them work harder. ‘’

And finally, who would win the ultimate metal cage Match. Ross the boss (Manowar) or Johan Hegg (Amon Amarth)?

‘’I’m going to have to give the edge to Johan on this one. ‘’

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