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Insistent- 'We follow the motto - it's grind!'

Dan- Guitars. 'Our story begins at the end of 2017, when the DEOAG grind group disintegrates. No doubts, a forced break was a slight surprise. We were left as a band without a drummer, without a name, but hungry for fast and dirty music. That's why we approached Přemek, who said YES and started blasting immediately. Everything worked very well and in February 2018 we played our first concert and went straight to the studio for the first record, Serenity Of Suffering.’

‘When we put the band together, we had certain points that we want to stick to. A one-word name that will keep style and darkness was our main goal. Play grind with a specific idea, without bullshit with a gloomy mood and the opportunity to experiment. The name also included the visual of the band and the music as it is. We agreed that an animal that represents our music and would fit into a dark environment would be ideal. After many funny sessions, we agreed that the werewolf is perfect. Man, animal, dark and shrouded in unrecognizability. The combination of vigorous music, werewolves and constant darkness meant the name Insistent for us.’

‘Grind in the Czech Republic is a relatively large concept, and we want to do it differently. For a newcomer, I would call it music that is so ugly that after a while you will start to like it, ha-ha. But how to call music is very individual. For me it's a death grind. It's half and half in the band. Přemek and I are more for experiments, after all, our previous musical experiences are from more modern genres. Dan and Petr are more old school grinders and follow established procedures. We're all fine with that and we mostly compose as a band with an open mind. Sharp and cut riffs with a touch of dark, lots of blast beats, booming bass and growl.’

The band has yet to reach its fastest most extreme point

‘This is a question we are still looking for an answer to! 80% of our work is fast music and ranges between 240 - 290bpm. The great credit goes to Přéma and Dan, who are trying to push the boundaries of speed further. The current tempo we have on the recordings is still ok. I think that the material being prepared will be faster and uglier in certain passages than before, and I feel a great speed shift there. On the other hand, we also have a batch of stoner grind songs ready.’

Insistent style of brutality is classic yet broad.

‘First, it will be a love for fast music and metal in general. We are mostly influenced by time, which is not much, same as our songs. They're short, ha-ha. There are many influences, each stage of the life of individual members leaves a mark, and then our work and the music we listen to. It's just a summary of our thoughts processes and we follow the motto - it's a grind! No unnecessary bullshit, especially let it go and tear the heads.’

‘In the lyrics I try to reflect the general events on two levels. One takes place around a werewolf and metaphors happening around him. On the second level, these are various situations, events, or thought processes that take place, and we either overlook, tolerate them, or how many times they have become part of human lives.’

‘I personally work in hospitality and meet people from all over the world who often treat each

other very nicely, and I would like it to be this way everywhere. But there are those who are unwilling, evil, depressed, manipulative, indifferent. That is why for me the decline of humanity is often the source of our texts.’

Extreme music is…

‘Extremely fast, extremely hard, extremely dark, extremely bass, extremely raucous, extremely pissed and extremely loud, but never with extremist views - that's bullshit.’

Your EP ‘Suspect’…

‘The title song is about the broken personality of a man who, in his delirium, transforms into another being who does not want to be responsible for his actions. In our case, it's a werewolf, but with the help of a metaphor, it can be something else entirely. It is an interrogation and its turning point when the suspect begins to admit his guilt and blames others. Overall, the album is conceived as a warning of senseless consumption, unethicalness, indifference to other people, but also things or references, as well as global issues.’

Your video for ‘About Hunger and Sleep’….

‘It's quite simple about shooting and it was fun. We try to work with people we know and do things right and with the heart. We approached our friend and great singer at the same time - Dahlien if she would help us with the shooting of two new video clips. She was very accommodating and we shot two clips in one day. And the second issue should come out in the fall. ‘About Hunger And Sleep’ itself is inspired by modern slavery, the exploitation of people. In the video, in addition to the band, there is also a character (ugly) who walks around us and is a metaphor for the current topic.’

The grind scene in the Czech Republic….

‘As has already been said here, grind and its offshoots are a big term in the Czech Republic, which is hidden under the label of the underground, but if you peel it off, a big music world full of iconic bands will appear. There are bands that have been playing for more than 15 and 20 years and they are one of the largest export items of Czech art abroad. I can mention Ingrowing, Pigsty, Malignant Tumor, Jig ai or the current Czech megastar Gutalax. Before DEOAG and Insistent, I sang in the deathcore band Suffocate With Your Fame and at first it was a change in terms of stage and concerts. Instead of kids who most in the pit, buy merch like crazy (as long as it's trendy), I got into a community of people who love "GRIND". This is incredibly true, people know each other from all over the country, have a good time, enjoy the music, the atmosphere and it's great. It's more intimate, but all the more friendly. There are quite a few local concerts,and there are big events too. I will mention the legendary Obscene extreme, obscure, and brutal assault. Great props. Matty from Gutalax and his Cross crew booking, who has been dragging the stage significantly up in the last few years and bringing big bands to us.’

‘I have to say that there are a lot of great concerts and I really like to remember them, but I still have our biggest concert in my head, at Obscene extreme 2019. It was an honour to play on the battlefield alongside such big bands and in front of so many people from all over of the world.’

The greatest grind core song of all time?

Well, that's a great question that can't be found ... But for me it will be NAILS and the song Unsilent Death. This is a terrible headbanger and a bone crusher.

Your top 6 albums of all time?

Nails - Unsilent Death

Misery Index - Heirs to Thievery

Harms Way - Isolation

Magrudergrind - Magrudergrind

Nasum - Helvete

Despised Icon - The Ills of Modern Man

Play fast Die old!

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