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Dave Slave Is Doomed And Disgusting

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Doomed and Disgusting is a project unlike no other. Doom Metal. Horror Metal. A soundtrack for the dammed. It is the one man passion project of Dave Slave. Those who follow Dave's career know that each project is remarkably different. From the Extremity of the legendary Sadistik Exekution, to the electronica of Digital Fiction, each as unique as the man himself. A horror project born both visually and musically from one man’s mind........

How was Doomed and Disgusting Created?

In 99 I had a lot of left over riffs I was going to use in Sadistik Exekution so I slowed a lot down and recorded them and then turned them into soundtracks by adding dark keyboard tracks and then by 2000 the name and concept popped up out of nowhere and Doomed and Disgusting was Born

It is a very different beast to the current trends in regards to the atmosphere created. Was this a conscious effort or a natural progression?

I always just let music flow through me naturally; however I do practice a lot of guitar so riffs are permanently running through my fingers. I got at least 30 Doomed And Disgusting songs in my head so hopefully I will do a couple soon

Is the multimedia aspect of the band going to grow videos etc. . . . Is this a more permanent way if attracting people to your music?

Yep and social media attracts people to my videos like crazy

What are the ideologies of Doomed and disgusting?

Nothing really, it is a Demonik Force of its own. Sometimes I think outer entities are helping me compose it

Is this message born of the frustration from your experiences and deceptions?

There are definitely some great skills to be gained by frustration. Next time you get the ol’ nervous jitter and shake put a pick in ya hand and start strumming a guitar. No message really more of an artistic audio and visual vibe and a horrid experience at that

Nothing influences me so much these days; however the mixture of twisted classical-ish guitar, pipe organ, demonic riffs, and old black white horror movies are what influenced me in the early DD Days.

And old school rock lately

How important is the visual side to the band and what horror elements inspire you to be creative?

Visuals are as vital as the music itself.

I just like dark twisted old grainy B grade movie looking footage and shadow like effects.

I don't want to look too pretend scary like paranormal stupidity did a few years back

Or like some amateurish black metal band with silly make believe evil makeup.

Some those blokes watched too much Scooby doo or Harry Potter I reckon

How many instruments do you play on this project?

All! Except My Mate "The Crawling Dead" played drums on a few tracks in the beginning

Will it ever be a live proposition?

Only when it gets Massive!!

Every project of yours is different. Is this a conscious effort to never report you?

No my mind never stops racing from one idea to another.

I can be playing some flamenco-ish guitar then out of nowhere I'm rocking' out till that gets boring then I'll pick up the Bass and Slap The Crap out of it in an aggressive way till strings snap. My mind doesn't shut up. Many people over the years have told me I'm "Gifted" And I reply: "I wish I knew that so I wouldn’t have had to practice my guts out for the last fucking 40 years”!

Gifted my arse

Will we see any Dave Slave Bass clinics this year?

Not sure but will happen eventually. Sponsorship by Bass and Bass equipment Manufacturers is the only issue. Somehow they don't seem to care these days how much skill you got if you're not in a massive band.

How much further/faster do you think you can progress your bass playing?

I get better every day, constantly inventing new techniques on Bass, Drums, Guitar, and Eggbeater etc.

Your views on music today?

The mainstream so called "pop” Music Industry pushes more fake talent these days because real talent costs them more money.

I grew up to Stevie Wonder, AC-DC and Prince etc. and the poor folks today are lumped with Kanye fucking West and other fake believe talent.

The Technology is what's Amazing, Not the So called pop artists of today.

They wouldn't have survived in the 70' & 80's

What’s next?

A- I'll be making more Doomed and Disgusting vids very soon. Then will be looking into making a modern B-Grade Horrid movie.

I think bigger labels and film Industry people better start taking my music more seriously instead of taking to generic copycat artists that slot in one of their pigeon holes. Don't be afraid of Original content, it just might stand out of the paddock!

Hailz All!!!

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