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Clavicvla - '' There’s no art born from happiness but from torments''

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

‘’In the Law of One existence is divided in seven densities of consciousness and the fifth is the one where we are as humans. The degeneracies are those material pleasures who detach us from the source leading us towards spiritual entropy.

Ittiel is the creative enigmatic force behind Clavicvla. A Musical entity unlike any other, its horrors delivered in an ambient industrial nightmare that asks many questions of the flesh and the spirit as can be heard on the new album ‘’Degeneracy Of The Fifth Density’’

‘’I see the album as a journey throughout those material perversions driven by our senses and our limited form.

‘’When I compose, I normally look for feelings to reach. It’s not only about flesh but about those things flesh bring to us.’’

‘’Those in the fifth density lost in the vortex of carnal pleasures are attached to their bodies so much that they don’t perceive the sensitive realms as too attached to material shell killing God devoted on flesh only.

‘’Physical Suffering turns into pleasure when usually someone sufferers from inner pain and need a form of distraction manifested in physical form. There’s no pleasure in spiritual suffering as there’s no solution but self-development and the destruction of ego. As individuals struggle to merge with God through the destruction of ego and here the source of the spiritual suffering.

‘’While physical pain makes you feel closer to life, the spiritual suffering takes you away from life developing philosophical and spiritual attributes in order to find the cause of the suffering. There’s no art born from happiness but from torments.

The creative process.

‘’Normally I experiment with the synths until I find the right effects. Once composed I listen once again after a few months and understand if it gives me any kind of feeling. Eventually I do few modifications whether I feel the need in order to reach a certain emotion.

‘’I think that Clavicvla will remain an industrial ambient project with some variations according to what my technical skills and feelings are.

‘’There are a few bands that inspire me but the mostly comes from my surroundings and from what I have inside.

Plans for the future.

‘’I have no plans for the future. I guess I’ll keep composing as long the archetypes speak to me. I’m currently working on new material though I’m still looking for the right sound.

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