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Belle Morte - ''We started discussing the specific emotions we wanted to evoke''

‘’We started as a studio project, two of us, me (vocalist, aka Belle Morte), who did music/lyrics for the songs and Sergey who took care of all the complex arrangements and sound producing. Our first EP was an exploration, a discovery of what Belle Morte should sound like. The fusion of our diverse musical tastes allowed us to find inspiration from a wide range of genres, from mainstream pop to black metal.

''When we were working on a full-length album, the songs became more complex and advanced, and we understood that we wanted to be more than a studio project. We decided to gather a permanent line-up.

''With the addition of new members our sound began to evolve further. Now we are incorporating ethnic instruments and experimenting with new sounds and musical directions.

The vision Of Belle Morte?

‘’It’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment, it was more like an organic evolution. It began with our early demos and the collaborative process of working on song arrangements. As we delved into the music, we started discussing the specific emotions we wanted to evoke with each song. It shaped our approach to visuals as well. When I listen to any music, I let my imagination run wild, conjuring up vivid images in my mind and considering how to intensify the emotional impact even further. So that’s how it happened.

What drew you to the gothic /symphonic style?

''I think in many ways it was a blend of two personalities: I embody the gothic part, and Sergey has a weak spot for symphonies. But to be honest we are not strictly following the genre rules. In the studio, we constantly explore and experiment to find the sound that best suits each individual case.

Your commanding vocals

‘’I was originally trained in a classical manner, but I’ve changed a number of vocal coaches since then and each of them taught me something new. For example, now I’m focusing on extreme vocal techniques, and enjoy it a lot, though not all of it suits our style.

When it comes to performance, I’d say both music and ideas inspire me: they are entwined and it’s hard to separate one from another.

The progression of “Blame Me ‘’ with its jazz components?

‘’Our latest release, “Blame me” single, was pretty much an experiment for us. We had a hard time figuring out how this song should sound: from the very beginning Sergey envisioned this dark and jazzy piano, but the rest was a mystery. We needed to connect very different elements together in a way that would sound natural. That's when the idea of adding the duduk emerged, which beautifully conveyed the essence of grief.

‘’As for our latest video, it's currently in post-production. We had the incredible opportunity to shoot it at Villa Lante, an enchanting Italian garden. The visuals captured there promise to make it the most impressive video we've created so far.

Is it safe to assume Belle Morte is open to any and all musical ideas?

‘’Generally speaking, yes, but each of us has some personal preferences and dislikes. For example, I’d never use an accordion, I hate the sound of it, so it's unlikely you’ll ever hear it in our music :)

How important is it to have many languages on your releases?

‘’It really depends on the song idea. When we did “Krew,” which is dedicated to the war in Ukraine, it was essential for us to showcase the proximity of three languages - Belarusian, Ukrainian, Polish. This conveyed the message of unity.

When we worked on "Exorcism," Ulziisaikhan suggested incorporating throat singing, which added a distinct Mongolian flavor to the track.

‘’Currently, we're working on a song with some Sundanese lyrics, so if any of the guest musicians we collaborate with are open to including their native language parts, we would gladly embrace it.

The thematic nature of your music?

‘’Our first full-length album was inspired by “The Collector” by John Fowles, so the lyrics of the album revolve around the story depicted in the book.

‘’In general, the lyrics of Belle Morte are deeply personal and often draw from my own life experiences. They serve as a reflection of my emotions, sometimes in a direct manner and at other times through metaphors.

Is music the only real universal way in which we share our relationships and feelings?

‘’I think it is, and that is what fascinates me the most. It has a unique ability to transcend language barriers and cultural differences, allowing us to connect with others on a profound emotional level.

‘’The thing that we are doing now, collaborating with people from different parts of the globe, made me believe in this power of music even more.

What inspires you both lyrically and musically?

‘’I’m mostly focused on the past and it’s hard for me to write about current events. I find inspiration in personal experiences, emotions, and art. Life's ups and downs, relationships, introspection, and the exploration of human nature - all of it can provide numerous ideas.

Is music your only creative outlet or do you write, paint?

‘’It is the main and the most cherished one. I used to write, sadly I don’t have enough spare time now, so I have to set priorities and music comes first.

‘’I enjoy painting a lot, but I suck at it :)

What drew you originally to the heavier side of music?

‘’Hard to say. I always kinda gravitated to that side, enjoyed the dark aesthetic and the emotions that heavy music evokes. And the sound of distorted guitars just makes my heartbeat faster.

Plans for the future and new releases.

Our number one goal is to finish recording our second album. This time it’s quite a challenge, as each song is a mini project with a guest musician and ethnic instruments. But it’s really rewarding, as this approach lets us do something unique.

Our next release, "Black Waters” is going to be a very romantic song. Like other recent singles, it features a very special guest musician. We will be revealing the release date early in the summer.

Top 6 albums of all time?

For me these are the following:

Roxette - Tourism

Slipknot - Iowa

Rotting Christ - Rituals

Woods of Ypres - Woods IV: The Green Album

Nightwish - Century Child

Disturbed - Indestructible

Each of them helped me to survive a certain period of my life and I get a lot of nostalgic vibes from them.

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