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Asbel - ''It is not the typical stereotype of Black Metal''

Asbel (all instruments/vocals) creates ugly music for ugly people. It is nihilistic depressive black metal that is a malevolent all-encompassing and inescapable. Asbel’s music represents the loss of faith and morals in society. It is raw and angry yet at times somber, atmospheric, and introspective. Following up from the utterly bleak ‘’ Towards the Open Arms of Negation’ ’released in 2020 the Colombian architect of annihilation celebrates twenty years of existence with the new EP, the multifaceted ‘’Forest - A Nihilistic Tale.’’

‘’Greetings and thanks for your invitation. My friend honestly getting so far here was never foreseen by myself, I did want a personal musical project of mine, but never thought of getting this far, or having the number of releases I have up to now, in all physical formats available and also never thought of playing abroad, but it happened.

How do you feel that your music has progressed in the last 20 years?

‘’I feel in terms of musical production and quality there was a great jump from one year to another, I still feel that my sound personal style still lies within my new music, however I started experimenting with new sounds and instruments which have given a nice taste to my personal mark.

You still have maintained that nihilistic, depressive edge, what drives you to create such music?

‘’it depends, it is hard to tell you something specifically, there has been many subjects in my albums, personal and not personal. I think it is also what happens, you know life happens. +

your new release Forest - A Nihilistic Tale. is more connected to nature?

‘’It is, yes, not in a Pro-Nature particular way as many Black metal bands use nature for, it is more of, let nature die, stop saving it, it's a waste of time saving something that is already lost. My inspiration, well, I travel very much, I have seen many forests, so it was time to gather all these experiences and make music out of it.

How do you continue to create music better as time goes on?

‘’I think there's a certain time to sit down and make music, I can't be on it 24/7 unfortunately. I do not have like a certain inspiration moment, I just sit down, with a proper purpose and concept and music just flows.

Is it the continuation of the inner struggle?

‘’Well, I think in all my albums there is always some inner struggle going on, cannot say that always here I struggle I sit down and make music, I think it comes up with time, so I think inner struggle will be included always in my music.

Why do you consider your music ugly?

‘’ The lyrical themes, the concept, the way the art is presented, it is not the typical stereotype of Black Metal, so lyrics are very offensive, art is offensive.

Isn't it more that the world is ugly, and it doesn’t Understand?

‘’Not very much, I think they understand us.

What is heavy music?

‘’If it is heavy it has to be both musically and lyrical. Because there is heavy music with some very hopeful and beautiful lyrics out there.

Is it a feeling rather than a sound?

‘’I would say.

Is music the deliverance from the normal allowing freedom of expression?

‘’Yes, we need to send out a message, what is the best way to deliver it with music and enhance it with hateful lyrics.

How do you describe darkness?

‘’I would say it is a feeling, it was a moment of life where the best of us comes out, it cannot always be light, we need these moments to be our true selves,

Future plans?

‘’A full length is in the works, also the recordings of the Dark The withered Vol. 5 are in the works. Around mid-2024 I will start working on the band once again.

Top 6 albums of all time?

Satyricon - Nemesis Divina

Darkthrone - under a Funeral Moon

Mithotyn - king of the distant forest

Satyricon - Shadowthrone

Old man's child - The pagan prosperity

Gorgoroth - Antichrist

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