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Arde - ''‘’What we can learn is the connection with nature''

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

’ARDE started few years ago in Berlin as a D-beat/Crust band but after short time

the members decided to play something which they enjoy since years, ending this

transformation into heavy and atmospheric Black Metal. We had few line-up

changes but right now looks like we are firm crew!

‘’The idea of the name ARDE came from one of our guitar was something

that was turning in is head for some time ago.

‘’We are absolutely ready to burn any kind of discrimination such as nationalism,

racism, sexism, etc.

‘’All the „-isms" mentioned are still, unfortunately, very present in many

cultures and societies. Why sexism or homophobia upset us so much? Because

these are the forms of oppression and never mind who wants to decide about

woman’s body and rights, a politician or a priest, both wants to control the right to


‘’Maybe this time these topics are given more attention but none of these issues are

more important than the other. All are connected to each other, like you can’t be

anti-racist and at the same time supporting prolife politics or being gay/trans right

supporter but having no interest about the same rights for non-white people. Our

band itself is not „political “, (whatever it means) but in our personal lives we try to

take care about all these problems and take some actions against them, in many

different forms.

Are the negatives you rally against something that you feel is taught rather than inherited?

‘’For sure many of these issues have cultural background and are taught, in school,

church or taken away from home. Daily life is extremely important. Small things are slowly making this world a better place to live.

Was the development into Black metal a natural one?

‘’Not sure if it was a natural change but for sure it came very easy and without any

pain. Maybe we grew up enough to finally play atmospheric metal.

Ancestral cult is conceptual about the female goddesses. where did this come from?

‘’It all started with a photo that we saw of our bassist's sister (which appears in the

album's artwork), and from there we began to develop some conceptual ideas until

we reached the point of talking about why our ancestors had so much respect and

adoration for the feminine deities and why on the other hand women have been

persecuted, humiliated and discriminated over the years.

‘’Both respect or worship, we finally have to understand that every single woman

has the right to choose whatever she wants and should have full control over her

body. Nobody has the right to take that decision away.

What lessons can we learn/inform today from the ancient belief system?

‘’What we can learn is the connection with nature. Ancient beliefs systems were

build in this way, partly because they had no other choice. What we can learn today

is trying to not participate in this massive destruction of our surroundings. And

also, basically mutual respect, the worship of women who are capable of giving

birth, who are capable of creating the miracle of life.

You have lots of inspiration and well read. Is it current events that lead you to research, or is Literature also inspiring?

‘’We have a passion for ancestral cultures and like to read about them. It is super

interesting to read how they were actually living better than our current civilisation.

From the moment Birth begins this is a very dissonant with layers and waves of heaviness.

''It was a long process of writing and sometimes painful too. We think here about the

hours in our rehearsal room when we were not able to connect riffs with some

bridge or were stuck at some points while practicing. All songs from “Ancestral

Cult” were written and nothing else was left, not a single riff or idea.

‘’When you write music there are always some temptations too add many things into

it, we are all having different tastes and views but luckily, we are able to find healthy

compromises. But not really, we put everything we thought it was necessary together with the artwork.

Is Black metal the only music force that can represent these themes?

‘’Definitely not. Look at the punk/crust or hip-hop scene. Anti-repressive themes are

there present since always, even modern folk music can be very political. Black

Metal might have this enormous power to look at these topics from a very

personal perspective and this is what it is so special about it.

Are you proud to be known as extreme musicians and why do you think this music is so vital?

‘’For sure not proud. You can feel it when you achieve something you were trying

since a long time. But actually, we are not proud of anything, we are just doing what

we like and enjoy it as much as possible.

‘’Black metal has great power and abilities to touch this part of you which is only

reserved for this music. Not sure what it is keeping it so vital, maybe atmosphere,

the sound, both? Not sure but we like it this way. Maybe it is all about feelings and

emotions and the force which expresses them and not about 100% rational and

sober thinking.

Plans for the future.

‘’We have already started to write new songs, we have some ideas and plans for the

next release, maybe a split with some friends of us. If it is possible, we want to play

live again as much as possible as far as the current world situation allows it.

Top six albums of all time?

It is impossible to choose the right ones...but let us see, for sure

His Hero Is Gone “Monument to Thieves”, “Ring Ring” the first record of ABBA, Celtic Frost “Morbid Tales”, Union of Uranus “

Disaster by Design”, Death “The Sound of Perseverance”,

Black Sabbath “Master of Reality”.

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