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Wraith- ''We try not to limit ourselves with titles too much''

What is no bullshit thrash metal?

Matt Sokol - Guitars/Vocals ‘’It was one of the early reviews of the band. We thought it was fitting so we more or less adapted it as our motto!’’

‘’I don’t think we focus too much on the labels. We write the music that we want to hear! Sometimes a song may have a bit more thrash influence and others may have punk. We try not to limit ourselves with titles too much. At the end of the day, as long as it sounds like Wraith, we are happy. ‘’

How did this approach affect your new album Undo the chains?

‘’I would say we always try and keep the “no bullshit” aspect of Wraith alive. For this record, we really wanted to show people that we are our own band. We are often compared to others, but at the end of the day Wraith sounds like Wraith.’’

It's fiercer and more focused. Is the song writing process an easy one?

‘’I believe that we were more critical than ever! I do appreciate the fact that it was noticed. We were very meticulous when it came to crafting this batch of songs, and we really hope it shows!’’

‘’I would say most of my lyrics are inspired by current events. I try and make them as relatable as possible though. I like the idea of someone listening to the song and finding their own meaning. ‘’

The album that got you into metal.

‘’The record that really turned me on to metal music was Kill Em All. The first time I heard that record I was instantly hooked.’’

‘’Metal to me is about the mindset. I think it’s standing up for what you believe in despite what others may think. I also believe that metal means community. It’s about building relationships with people all over the world that share common interests. I’m not big on the “gate keeping” when it comes to metal, but I think going out of your way to be hurtful or malicious isn’t very metal ha-ha.’’

The greatest riff of all time?

‘’The mosh riff in Blackened.’’

Plans to support Undo the Chains.

‘’We have been playing our asses off this year! Lots of new songs are in the set list as well. We’ve been trying to do as much press as possible in addition to releasing a lot more merch to support the singles etc. ‘’

Top 6 albums of all time?

- First 4 Metallica albums

- Reign in blood

- Nightmare Logic

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