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Welmoed - ''Staying true to your art is everything''

‘’I started this project around 2018, just writing songs. I wanted an honest writing session with no boundaries, just write riffs that came up and with the music I was inspired to that I listened to at that moment. I think when it comes to thoughts and emotions, everyone has positive and negative ones, and that resembles this album also. There is room for more lush, quiet, and uplifting melodies, and harsh, ugly ones, too.

"Ask & Embla" is the new album from Netherlands artist Thijs Mulder (Guitars, bass, keyboards, songwriting) that encapsulates the immediacy and impact of modern extreme music yet also imbues it with rich textures and melody to create art that is both extreme and yet filled with subtlety. It is fast yet also serene. Joined by the dual vocalists of Veerle Kiliaan and the harshness of Bram Koller they reflect the intention that begins with the band name Welmoed.

‘’ Yes, to me it defines strength, willpower, to strive for. Nothing really dark, just a short name to name my project.

"Ask & Embla" is incredibly diverse album. How Important is this to you?

It reflects of course the state I was in at that time, but it’s also a personal choice. I like dynamic songs, divided over an entire album that binds to one entity, but each song to its own. At least, that is what I try to achieve.

Finding Veerle Kiliaan to complete your music and her voice that reflects some of the melancholy and loss in your creations?

''To me, her voice is incredibly important to translate everything to the listener, and she did an amazing job to achieve that. Finding her was not that hard, we’ve played together a couple of times and we have known each other for a long time. She lives in the vicinity of my place so teaming up to work on music is easy.

Is it more important to be true to your art rather than creating something for impact or requirements of a particular genre?

‘’I think staying true to your art is everything. Whether it has impact or not, I think you should do what you want, not for impact or to impress one another. If someone likes it, they will listen.

‘’I listen to all kinds of genres, from classical to nowadays popular music, everything that crosses my path. My main interests are in doom, black, - and post rock / metal and styles that are more or less related. Also the 90’s black metal I listen to a lot.

The juxtaposition of beauty and brutality and opposing forces?

‘’You can hear that in almost every song on the album. As mentioned before, I like dynamic songs and sometimes they are in sharp contrast with one another, or the pieces in the same song.

‘’ De Zee en Haar Heimlijk Rijk’’ is a beautiful stunning track, what inspired it? does it mean ‘’ the sea and its secret realm”? If so, what are its secrets?

‘’Thank you, glad you like it. It’s a song about being dragged into something where someone is not in control metaphorically to speak. The sea is a great metaphor for that and always has its mystiques that fascinated me a lot. An unknown world with beauty but also with dangers.

The use of metaphors rather than straight condemnation of deceptive organizations in your music?

‘’Yes, that is true. But the deceptive forms can be anything. Everyone experiences such things different. I am not very much into condemning institutions, people or entities but I won’t stay silent about certain cases. It’s more a contemplative view of these things I write about.

How does this relate to Legioen?

‘Legioen’ is more a song about loss and prevail, but in a more everyday situation. It’s about becoming stronger when things are falling apart around anyone.

The importance of being free to explore our best possible selves?

‘’I think everyone should do whatever he or she wants to do when it comes to create music, art, etc. I think freedom then is of paramount importance.

Is being true and honest to oneself the most important thing, rather than fitting in and being successful in ‘’Society”?

Yes, I think so. If you do so, without harming one another, or yourself, and be successful in your own way, must be great.

How did you get drawn into extreme music?

I was thirteen I think, got some tapes from Morbid Angel (Covenant and Domination) and later on I started listening to bands like Fear Factory, and Type o Negative. From there I was going to explore the more darker genres.

And the idea to combine it with all other styles?

‘’It went fluently, just writing riffs, and don’t think too much about boundaries.

Is it to keep yourself challenged or is against the stagnation and the misconception of ‘’extreme”?

‘’More to keep myself challenged.

What is next for you musically?

‘’Time will tell!

Top 6 albums of all time?

(Not in any particular order)

Morbid Angel – Domination

Type o Negative – October Rust

Amesoeurs – Amesoeurs

Thorns VS Emperor

Emperor – Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk

Lantlôs - .neon

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