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Unverkalt - ''When we express our emotions through music, we discover new paths within our soul''

Unverkalt combine passion and personal musical expression that is part post- metal, experimental, doom, alternative and all passion. It is uncompromising and all-encompassing in its honesty and ability to transcend. "L' Origine Du Monde" was the highly impressive debut album rich in textures and the Athens based quintet have large plans for the future

Congratulations on the new record deal. How did it come about?

‘’Thank you so much for this interview and for the great words!

‘’Shortly after the debut albums release “L’Origine Du Monde”, we entered the studio to record.our second full-length studio album in Berlin, Germany. After the finalization of the album in 2022, we were searching actively for a record label that could embrace our music and believe in our vision. Argonauta Records is a record label that we’ve admired for a long time. We could see the love and effort this label puts in their artists. From the moment we spoke with Gero from Argonauta Records, we knew that this communication can lead to a very successful and great collaboration!

‘’Our upcoming second full-length album will be released in 2023. More info will be announced really soon! This is our best and most dark work so far! So, we can’t wait to share it worldwide!

Will it continue the musical experiment?

''On every new chapter of Unverkalt, we will experiment more and more. We want our sound to continue to evolve. We started as a musical experiment and we will continue strongly on this path of the freedom of expression and experimentation. Music for us is everything, is our whole world. Helped us to feel strong, full and healed in every difficult moment we’ve been through. When we express our emotions through music, we discover new paths within our soul and mind. So, this experiment will grow even more in the next few years!

Unverkalt thrives on diversity, what new musical surprises do you have planned?

''We can’t speak about them at the moment, it’s better to keep them incognito! But we can assure you that in every chapter/album, we will deliver a different concept! It’s also good to mention that the new release has a complete vision of our musical direction.

With such diverse tastes, does this make song writing easier or harder?

''As for the song writing, everything comes very naturally. The members of the band come from different musical backgrounds and this as a result the music of Unverkalt contains many influences from different types of post-rock, metal and alternative scenes that come out effortlessly regarding the recordings and the implementation of each track.

What makes songwriting easy is that in each song we leave a piece of ourselves and our soul.

Will it continue personal themes and emotions or a larger canvas?

''Regarding the topic that will follow, we can say with certainty that there will always be a

redemptive character and an emotional charge as far as our music is concerned. Each chapter aims to awaken our innermost feelings and our deepest and darkest thoughts. Feelings that we would be afraid to mention and talk about, but also feelings that reach a larger scale.

''The future of Unverkalt will not remain only in the personal form of catharsis, it will also evolve to a greater level.

What musical colours does your art represent in terms of your music?

''Some shades and colours that will define our sound on the upcoming record will be yellow, red, grey and black.

What drew you all to the heavier side of music?

‘’The band consists of members known in the fields of metal scene. We all grew up listening to music from a wide spectrum of the rock/ metal scene and going in this direction musically felt very natural. The heavier sound has always moved us and our deepest emotions are externalized naturally through this sound.

‘’Music and arts invigorate the soul. For us, music has always been the best way of expression and healing for our souls. Music has conquered the biggest part of us and without it our life would not be the same. Through creative expression, you regain a feeling of wholeness. Sharing your pain and emotions through any form of art can be redemptive and purifying. Arts are the best cure for the human condition.

Plans for the future.

''We are focusing on the release of our second full-length album via Argonauta Records, which you will find out more information about really soon. Our future plans include some live shows in Europe after the release and some additional surprises!

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