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Unverkalt - ''The new record is a collection of horror tales, love, death and distorted minds''

"A Lump of Death: A Chaos of Dead Lovers" is the incredible new release from Unverkalt. It is a record that combines haunting ambience with the power of post rock and the visceral energy of metal. the conceptual subject matter an accompainient to some of the heaviest passges are oragnic and inspired. It is a tour de force of soundscapes and ideas. Experimental, emotional and forever evolving.

Demetria Kvu (Vocals) : Each album represents a whole new concept, a new chapter musically. We love to experiment with our sound and push our limits in music, and this is something that we will continue doing in the future with every album. We want our music to evolve, with each album adding something extra to what we do. This record features a heavier sound with many more alternative influences reminiscent of the 90s music scene.

"A Lump of Death: A Chaos of Dead Lovers" and Its passages built like a crescendo. It is very cinematic with some epic soundscapes. Demetria: ‘’It marks a different chapter, introducing a new form and shape to our music. The passages are crafted to mirror the rhythmic patterns of waves. We envisioned each song as a movie scene, with moments of calm reflection transitioning into intense waves during every chorus. These quiet and then loud climaxes create this cinematic essence of our sound.

The combination of inspiration and influences Demetria: ‘’We find inspiration in everything around us—whether it's a great movie, an interesting documentary, or listening to a lot of different music genres. This time, we approached the production from a different angle, experimenting with more effects and synths. We incorporated elements ranging from dream pop sounds to parts of post-metal, doom, and alternative sounds. Music invites you to constantly explore it, and we will keep discovering new paths.

It is also conceptual in nature. Demetria: This album's specific plot is influenced by the 70's and the flowering of the cult community, and the acts of criminals and serial killers at that time. Most of the lyrics are influenced from that period of modern society.

It was time when those who meant well were lured into something darker? And the beauty of intention has been manipulated? Demetria: "A Lump of Death: A Chaos of Dead Lovers" plunges into the depths of human behavior, exploring its darker sides and acts. It’s an exploration of the human psyche and the relentless darkness that can consume it.

Does it reflect that people are not what they appear?

Demetria: People are not always what they appear to be on the surface. Lyrically, I wanted to dive deep into human nature and the darkness that may lie beneath. I did a lot of research on people who committed crimes. The track “A Greater Evil” specifically drew inspiration from David Berkowitz’s letters. The recording process was intensely emotional for me, as I sought to convey not only the perspective of the victims but also the mindset of pure evil. Within the lyrics, you'll notice two voices entwined, showcasing the dualities explored throughout the album.

Were you surprised by how dark some of the album ended up being? Demetria: We knew that this album would follow a certain conceptual direction, but we never expected an entire narrative to unfold as it did. The surprise was in how dark it turned out, although from the beginning, the concept felt very heavy.

What is it to ‘’Loathe and Love”’? Demetria: ‘’Fragments of light can emerge even when a manipulative nature exerting control over you. This is the essence of 'Loathe & Love.' Lyrically, with this track, I aimed to capture the interplay between vulnerability and violence.

The idea behind ‘’ Le Triomphe de la Mort”’?

Demetria: "‘Le Triomphe de la Mort’ stands as a hymn of mourning, depicting the final moments and memories that pulse until the very end as life slips away. It’s terrifying that someone can decide what your end will be. I have always believed that we shouldn't take life for granted. As we lose loved ones, life becomes a journey marked by pain, love, happiness, and sorrow. Growing older brings an understanding of life's true meaning, with some realizing it at the very end and others while they are experiencing challenging situations. The fear I carry is personal, contemplating how we, as human beings, gradually fade through the sands of time.

How do you combine darkness with romanticism? It it the allure of the shadows than rather what is in them? Demetria: Really nice example! I loved it! I could definitely agree with what you said. The themes we explore in our music often give an essence of isolation, melancholy, grief and are focused on the darkest aspects of human nature, often layered with symbolic and allegorical overtones. The new record is a collection of horror tales, creating a landscape of love, death and distorted minds.

Mass Hysteria is an excellent track, where does it come from?

Themis Fad Ioannou - Guitars & Keys: The riffs of Mass Hysteria are influenced by the alternative metal music scene, specifically draw inspiration from the early years of bands like Tool, Paradise Lost, Dark Tranquillity.

What is next for you creatively? Demetria: In the upcoming months, we will arrange more live shows to promote our brand new album, and we are already thinking about the next chapter of ours!

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