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Tryglave - ''Plague Doctors were a perfect choice.''

Aggressive, melodic, modern, and emotionally epic black metal is Tryglave. A one man creation from Boris Behara with vocals from Callum Wright, the new album "The Ritual" is a dark thematic concept that assualts the senses yet is also filled with melody to fan the blackened flames and to scar the soul.

What is the Ritual and how does it compare to your debut?

''The Ritual is Tryglav’s second album and it’s a concept one.

Compared to the first album is more mature in terms of lyrics and composition.

The first album was influenced by 80s horror movies while this one has an original story.

In terms of music, the drums are more articulated compared to the previous one but it’s still Tryglave at 100%.

It is a conceptual album based in the 17th century?

''Yes. Considering that Plague Doctor are an essential part of the bands image, I wanted to create aconcept around them that was set in that century.

''I’m usually inspired by a lot of different stuff. It can be a movie, nature, something that I read or a particular feeling/moment.

''’m not interested in current events.

What are your thoughts on mortality? Do we continue our journey once the flesh has expired?


Once we’re dead, we’re dead.

There’s nothing after it and it’s ridiculous that people still believe in such things in 2023.

Your music is unafraid to use melody. Is this important to you ?

''Melody is really important to me. Even the most brutal song can also be really melodic.

I always try to compose melodies that people can easily remember.

In this album, there’s a mix of everything..sad melodies, groovy melodies, and epic melodies.

''There will always be a melody in Tryglav.

The horror element and the use of Plague doctors?

''I'm a huge fan of 80s horror movies and horror is my favourite genre. I didn’t want to end up talking about satan, god, and stuff that actually I’m not interested in.

I wanted to create a horror mascot for the band, a villain let’s say.

Plague Doctors were a perfect choice.

Is it hard to create a concept album and is the theme influence the music?

''The hardest part is to write it down. Creating a story in your mind isn’t hard,but writing it down in the form of lyrics is really hard, Especially when English isn’t your mother language.

That’s why I asked for help with this album.

For the first one, I wrote all the lyrics but for this one, I’ve got some help.

Yet it is also a very extreme black metal record yet more mature?

''Yes, I’m still proud to be associated with the genre.

The album is still black metal but like the previous one, I like to play with different genres.

The base is black metal but there are a lot of different things going on.

It’s not 100% black metal that's for sure.

There are some melodies and drum patterns that you don’t hear usually in a black metal album.

The album is definitely more mature than the previous one.

Is extreme music the only possible outlet for your artistic sense or do you indulge in other passions?

''No, actually I have also an 80s metal project and I’m a huge fan of synth music.

''I listen to almost all types of metal and rock music and that’s why you can hear different influences in Tryglav.

''Actually, when I started to write “The Ritual” I wanted to mix 80s metal with black metal but it ended up being more extreme than I wanted so..that’s why I decided to start the 80s metal project.

What drew you to black metal ?

''I’ve got into black metal thanks to Marduk’s “Plague Angel” album.

I was a teenager and didn’t have any idea what black metal was.

The first approach wasn’t the best, at the time my favourite band was Slipknot and

Marduk was too extreme for me. It took me a while to get into the music and start to understand what was going on.

Still, my favourite Marduk album.

I don’t know if the genre is evolving, to be honest. Maybe I’m not good at searching but every time I try to listen to new bands, they all sound the same to me.

Plans for the future

I hope that there will be some chances to play live with the release of this album.

I’ve got some offers for the first one but Covid and my open heart surgery got in the way.

Top 6 albums of all time

I don’t know to be honest.

I really don’t know how people are able to choose 6 albums.

I really like too many albums to say just 6.

Also what I like today can already change tomorrow.

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