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Tombstone - “Death comes to the tombstone”

''The name of “Tombstone” is derived from “Death comes to the tombstone”. Webelieve that short name is better to remember. The philosophy behind the name is simple: in the end, your name will be forever, on people’s mind and on your tombstone.

Ardi and Haikal are the indonesian duo that are the creators of Tombstone. Furious and primal black metal that also draws hevily upon atmosphere to leave a memorable impression on the psyche. Rich in texture and and anger it is a project that was originally much larger.

''In the beginning, we had 7 members and only focussed on live performances. Most

of Indonesian metalheads knew us from the stage.

Unfortunately, we didn’t release albums before because we couldn’t afford the studio

fee for the recording session at that time. We only had 2 songs recorded live and

uploaded on MySpace. Actually, our debut album was planned for a long time ago.

So, it’s like a dream to finally have an album after a long journey and hiatus.

You’ve gone from a full line-up to a 2 piece. Was this deliberate and does it

allow for a clearer vison of your music?

''After finishing school, some of our members lived in another city and started another

music project. The band has a hiatus moment but the rest of members (Ardi &

Haikal) still tried to make music and planned to have an album.

''When the pandemic hit the world and locked us down. We grabbed the moment to

record old songs and wrote new songs to prove that Tombstone (while many similar

names there, but not as black metal one) is still here and exist. Being a blackmetal

duo makes us more focus in delivering our vision in music.

What is “To The Existence Of Light?” both as an album and a track ?

“To The Existence of Light” represents a new journey of our music after “The

Awakening of Darkness”. We plan to have a trilogy or sequels of the album so that

our fans can find the relation between the discography.

''Interestingly, we usually put the title of the album as a track in the end to tell the

listeners implicitly that there will be a new chapter after the album.

It is also a lot colder and atmospheric?

''Besides the second wave of black metal, we try to add the third wave atmosphere

the modern sound in our music. So it’s kind of mixed subgenre of black metal that

you can get in one album.

It is influenced by the second wave of Black metal?

We started the band in high school era (somewhere in 2005). We listen lots of

symphonic black metal music like Cradle of Filth and Dimmu Borgir. That influenced

us in forming the band. At that time, Indonesian black metal is also hype in many

places; many legendary black metal bands, albums, and gigs everywhere in


It also comes very quickly after your debut?

''Yeah! We were surprised that the response was pretty escalating since its’ first

release. Now we are so excited to write more music.

Is “Vain” the abandonment of hope and accepting the inevitable?

''Yes, it is. We often try everything but are stopped by things that force us to give up

and make our efforts useless in the end.

Are you proud to be known as black metal ?

''Yes, we are. Black Metal with touches of Doom, Thrash, a bit of Melodic Black Metal.

But in general, we prefer to be called our music just “Black metal”.

''We are inspired by various music genres. We often listen to some doom metal

bands like Draconian and thrash metal like Toxic Holocaust. Right now, we are

exploring DSBM bands, maybe there will be some riffs inspired from there for our

next project.

How do you define heavy music?

''Pure feeling. It’s something like running in our blood.

How much of your traditional culture do you allow into your music?

''We do not take any inspiration from our traditional culture because we respect our

traditional culture and it has to remain there.

The size and the passion of the undergroundIndonesian scene?

''The metal scene in Indonesia is huge. Metalheads here are so crazy about this

music. They even can create a gig at a public funeral, and we have experienced it.

Plans for the future to support new music?

Whats Next?

Continuing the planned trilogy, maybe EP or album split with another amazing band.

Top 6 albums of all time?

Darkthrone - panzerfaust

Satyricon - nemesis divina

Sepultura - schizophrenia

Slayer - god hate us all

Amenra - mass VI

Behemoth - demigod

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