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TIR- '' Awaiting the Dawn reveals the meeting of melancholy and melodies''

Tir has just released their fifth and greatest piece of work Awaiting the Dawn. It is a sombre yet uplifting neo dark folk offering that reflects not only the progression of mastermind Oytun Bektas, but it also a physical (Turkey to Sydney) and spiritual journey. The haunting vocals of guest Thomas Helm provides the gateway to thoughts emotions and memories.

How does Awaiting the Dawn differ from your previous releases? (Oytun) It was actually an album I designed for Tir from the very beginning. I was just waiting for the right time to come. Especially the dilemma of life and nothingness that I had accumulated from previous albums became more evident with this album. I believe that Tir conveyed the dark art correctly with the Dungeon Synth effect. While releasing the previous albums, Tir got rid of many nonsense and commercial records in the market, found itself in a respectable position, and fulfilled his loyalty to those times. Now it is time to bring those crazy head-freezing melodies back! Does a new geographical location affect the creation of your music? Absolutely. Every part of nature is stunningly beautiful. So, I don't think it will vary with being in the north or south. Composing is the most ordinary thing for me. The important thing here is to carry that reality to listeners. That's what I mean when I say can the resulting songs and melodies really convey the melancholy of a tree or the whisper of the wind? That's what matters most!

The combination of synth and folk? At first 2 opposites how do you combine the various style to create a such pieces. Dark art has many different functions. The way I see it, I am trying to blend these two structures together. If we look at the results, it can be said that I was successful in this. Just as Quorthon blended acoustic guitar passages with his magnificent music, I want to follow these steps over a different genre.

The sombre /reflective nature of the album? it is a tribute yet also a source of purpose?

There is no deliberate situation, but there is a feeling of sadness that has been growing inside me for years. The meaninglessness of the life and death cycle, and having experienced it first-hand, has given me cause to feel this way.

The philosophical nature of Farewell Ballad? There is a farewell to the past rather than a philosophy here.

Is it a juxtaposition of memories and emotions? Does it have a purpose for the listener to receive?

Absolutely. In my head, I always feed on memories to bring this scene to life. Sometimes this is based on a moment when I'm in harmony with nature, from which I'm influenced by the currents of romance. That's exactly what Awaiting the Dawn reveals: the meeting of melancholy and melodies, living in the most secluded corners of my dark memories. Of course, at this point it isn't possible for me to reject the listener because that's exactly where I come from. So, my principle isn't based on selfishness; it's about togetherness!

Should all musical art be pure expression without inhibitions? Definitely. Art is based on limitless possibilities, but it's necessary to give a detail here. If art becomes an auction-oriented commercial phenomenon that serves only a certain class in closed galleries, it has lost its purpose as a vehicle for personal expression. i.e., typical rich entertainment!

Is there an overall direction and ultimate goal of Tir? I'm hoping to reach more music lovers with my newest album.

Does being a one-person project allow you to have the complete freedom you require to create your vision? One-man projects have always made me happy. I enjoy thinking independently, not just making free decisions. Discussing my music with myself--and then making changes based on those discussions--has always helped Tir progress. Of course, Thomas and Markus have been great supporters of the project as well. They're always there when I need them!

Plans for the future? I am hoping to start work on a new album for my side project, Ruins of Xibalba, toward the end of this year. We are also trying to develop a project with Thomas. It's too early to speak for now because Tir and Orko Productions have been taking up most of my time.

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