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Sukkhu - To Fight With No Weapon

''In Their Names'' continues the evolution of Sukkhu and their atmospheric pure black metal that has undergone a lot of development since their last release ''Labyrinths''.

Morgause (vocals) ‘’ That’s true – we parted ways with both our former drummer Megiddo and our live bassist. However, although we split, I thank them both for their priceless contribution. Without them, Sukkhu wouldn’t be what it is now! After the departure of the two, we met. the young prodigies The Beast (drums) and Necro (bass), who were keen to become. Sukkhu’s new Invoking Souls. At the same time, the timpanist Silenthell, known for his work with the legendary Master’s Hammer, decided to join us as well. So now Sukkhuhas five, not three, members, but the music is still composed mainly by Ego BMK and I write the lyrics.

Can many shows now be expected? Could this line-up also enter the studio?

''Currently we are booked for three open air festivals, which I personally find very good,

provided we only started playing live about a year ago. We are also considering a

couple more shows in clubs. And of course, we hope to enter the studio in our current

line-up, possibly even with Necro on the bass!

In their names has arrived quite quickly after Labyrinths?

‘We wrote the tracks quite quickly after the release of our debut, ‘Labyrinths.’ For

example, we played ‘I See You Not’ already during our first show in April last year! It was the recording that took a lot of time – not because of the line-up changes, but mainly because of my health issues, as we had to postpone the vocals recording several times.

''In the end, fortunately everything worked out, and the EP is now available as a digital release.

Still very pure to the ideals of black Metal?

‘’Ego BMK is the main music composer. He loves traditional black.

metal, I think I won’t make a mistake if I mention bands like Inquisition or Dark Funeral. I

think the “pure,” traditional black metal is the closest musical genre to both him and

I, so of course this is the way to go for us, even when we are not trying to

reproduce the 1990s Norge and we are not afraid to use more contemporary elements.

and techniques. When it comes to me personally, I feel the music got new depths with

the addition of Silenthell’s timpani, which can be considered both traditional black metal.

and, at the same time, not so common.

How important is this for you?

‘’To me, traditional black metal is of course important, I love the mad riffs and blast beats.

and the underworldly atmosphere. Also, my voice and my performance fit this genre the

best and it is where I feel most comfortable and most “purely myself.”

Your vocals have taken on a more possessed immediacy.

‘’I think it is more of a natural development of my voice, perhaps even the recording itself.

I try to experiment and see how far I can take my voice (without causing any damage to

it of course), so maybe that shows as well.

The inspiration behind In Their Names lyrically? is it the ignorance of mass culture.

and their manipulation?

''Manipulation, yes, you nailed it. The primary inspiration was actually religion – how.

certain individuals created some sort of “them” (gods, demons, devils and so on), in

order to make the masses follow their will through out-of-this-world hells and paradises.

However, you can see a similar pattern in nowadays’ politics (mostly through the

creation of artificial fears), so if you wish, you can extend the lyrics’ meaning to this.

subject too, but it was not the first thing I was thinking about while composing it.

I See you Not? is it a personal admonition against perceptions and the power

of personal free will?

‘’I like this definition! Yes, it can be seen this way. Lyrically, the two tracks are closely.

related, as In Their Names describes the problem and I See You Not a potential solution.

of always attaining your own views and opinions – looking around, assessing,

analysing, and therefore not letting the manipulators brainwash you.

To fight with no weapon is an incredible lyric.

‘’Thank you so much. To put it simply – how did most extinct religions find their end?

They were forgotten. Most of them were replaced by another religion, but how about.

turning our backs to unproven and often suppressing ideologies and embrace values.

like freedom, responsibility, respect, logic, uniqueness, or personal identity? Of course,

at times, you really need weapons to fight (whichever they shall be), but I feel that often

oblivion can get you there too, at times perhaps even more efficiently.

The apocalyptic instrumental The Naga? An industrial tinged nightmare,

inspired by the serpents in the netherworld?

‘’Another beautiful description, thank you! The track was written quite spontaneously.

When Ego BMK and Silenthell were jamming in the studio. When I heard what they were

doing, I imagined one of the most misunderstood and ambivalent creatures of all – a

snake. As serpents are so different from us, people turned them in gods and devils.

alike, which is exactly what Sukkhu is. So, I joined Ego BMK and Silenthell with some.

hissing and The Nāga emerged from its realm.

Sukkhu carries the mystical and the relevance of the real world? Is it important

to have both?

‘’Indeed! People are, and I think always will be, inclined to link everyday situations and

abstract thoughts, creating concepts like, on one hand, religion, or, on the other,

science. Sukkhu joins it all, including physics and metaphysics. Through Sukkhu, any

concept can get real in one dimension or another, mirroring from or into people’s lives.

Plans for your next release. A full length?

The next release should definitely be a full-length, including a physical release. We are.

already working on it, but right now I am not sure when we will manage to get it done.

The Next portal to open?

‘’That’s quite an unpredictable thing, you never know what may happen! Of course, we

have dreams, so let’s see how far we can make it.

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