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Sisters Memon - Utter Annihilation

MW Daniels ‘’Both Natalia Sara and I are extremely hateful towards much of the human race due to dissatisfaction with the way humans conduct themselves in the past decade where people have changed a lot and are in a continues descent. It’s all about ego much more now and fuck them they should be fuckin killed.’’

MW Daniels and Natalia Sara are the English/Polish combination that is Sisters Memon. If there was ever a project with the intent to create utter nihilistic raw Black Metal, with no regards for trends or the others around them, to strip the music back to its rawest form and fill it with pure hate and loathing, to goal to create utter destruction then that band is Sisters Memon.

M ‘’I have been in bands and made music on my own since the late 80s and I have done 2 black metal projects before, but the time had come to make the ultimate one that I could create. I make all the music and originally did vocals, but I was seeking a female vocalist which is unfortunately rare in black metal still and after a couple of vocalists who were absolute shit, I found the brilliant Natalia Sara who is for me one of the best black metal vocalists ever. Once she joined then we both set about planning our mission of destruction. The name is loosely based on two Middle Eastern terrorist sisters.’’

M: The form of black metal we make is against this cunt world we live in. For me personally it’s not about the music even its something that could possibly go criminal and not like the usual black metal banality of people killing their rivals while they run away in their blood covered underpants in their apartment block or stabbing people to death in parks. Black metal that references the moon, forests etc is ok but this is not a meditation nature project, this is terrorism in musical form.

The vocals are utterly hellish. What inspires this?

Natalia Sara: ‘’ I like horror movies. As a kid I always try to sounds like devil or possessed girl from old movies. Then it was just a fun for me. Now I try do something like that but with a little bit of pain in my soul.

Your ideas on utter annihilation?

M: ‘’VX nerve gas the whole of planet earth.

N: ‘’I wish I could make something strange like evil music with a lot of suicides ha-ha

Is there a disgust towards man and stupidity?

M: ‘’Yes there is. The total stupidity of man has reached unfathomable levels of shit. The banality of humans is at its height, I think. This planet is now a mess, but it was always plummeting and there is no way back and there never was. Shit upon shit upon shit. I laugh at these cunts. Its time for a satanic uprising! Men, women and children rise up and fight the enemy.

N: ‘’of course. I have degree. I'm a sociologist so I know something about people…they are stupid as fuck

You are true chaotic black metal?

M: ‘’I understand the question, but I see Sisters Memon as far more composed then chaotic personally even the extreme fast stuff we do. But yes, there is that raw chaos element to us but chaotic sometimes implies that’s its all over the place and our music is extremely tight and precise. Everything is in its correct place.

How do you define extreme music?

M:’’ It’s a strange word as what is extreme? Is it the fact that it’s full on? But then again silence can be extreme. It depends on the person and mood etc. For me the word extreme has been diluted as extreme music is a pop music company in London and was the name of an American soft rock band. I would say the true meaning of the word extreme is pushing the envelope, being on the outside, creating something to be approached with caution.

N: ‘’Extreme music does not exist. Everything is a process with people mind, hands, soul and sometimes dick. So, it can’t be extreme. It's just some kind of Art

You’re not afraid of pure darkness

M: ‘’100% dedication to evil and having the evil run sufficiently through your blood stream. The need to kill or attempt to kill when fucked with. Your either born with it or you’re not and I was born with it.

N: ‘’Life…that's a pure darkness full of hate

Your debut album is a defining statement

M:’’ It is a huge defining statement yes at the time we recorded it and with Natalia Sara’s vocals and the unique music it will possibly be an inspiration to others. The newer material is a step on entirely. The debut album took about a month.

What's next?

M: ‘’After the debut which comes out as a dual release on plague demon records and blasphemous creations of hell records, we have 3 new tracks on the plague demon sampler album and then our second album “The Terrorist Antichrist” will be released in 2022. We have albums 3 and 4 already recorded pretty much and working on album 5.

N: ''kick ass

Top 6 albums of all time?

M W Daniels:

1. Tomita - The Bermuda Triangle

2. Stravinsky – The Firebird (Complete original version)

3. Mercyful Fate - Melissa

4. Venom - Welcome to hell

5. Kate Bush – Lionheart

6. Current 93 – Nature Unveiled

Natalia Sara:

1. Venom - Black Metal

2. Burzum - Hvis Lyset Tar Oss

3. Lebanon Hanover - why not just be solo

4. Kat - 666

5. Maria Peszek - Jezsu Maria

6. Mütiilation - Vampires OF Black Imperial Blood

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