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Sinnrs - '' We refer to ourselves as “pure dark matter”

‘’We're not satanists or ritualizing with small animals. However, our belief is that everyone is a sinner. So, it's a pond on mankind for us to choose that name.

Nero is one half of Sinnrs along with Maestus, they combine to create the collision of extreme black metal along with classical symphonic orchestrations to create sonic terror. Sinnrs music is both savage and epic, direct, and yet subtle as heard on their latest album Detrahamus.

Nero’ ’The direction of the album came after we have made Agnus Dei. Profound was extreme and fast. Were Detrahamus is for us more organic and dynamic in expression. We collaborated with Studio Hertz in Poland, with each album. And in our opinion, they captured the feeling of what we would like Detrahamus to sound like so perfect. The listener will spot the difference from Agnus Dei to the other songs. And that is done with full intension.

When we’re working on new material, we never know where it takes us. The first ideas and progression, tends to be equally tools for us. We can work on a song and have a draft, for guitars, drums, within 20 minutes. That we did with some of the songs on each album.

Vice versa - we can be stuck on the same note - before the solution presents itself, months later. Relatively "small" writers block, ha ha

‘’On this album we wanted to make the music much less technical, less blasts & more dynamic. Using new classic instruments to harness the feeling of a dark orchestral void, which dictate the mood of the album.

‘’Maestus and myself have known each other for other bands and have known each other for years, which also are why we can sometime work so easy creating music. Not once and I mean this - did we have a disagreement how the music should be.

‘’That's one of the privileges - being only two. When we play live, we have second singer and a guitarist, who also sings. This is relatively new to the set up. We used to be only the two of us. But again, it has its advantages to be larger in numbers, on the stage. As we have a lot of instruments in our music - we´re using backtracks - so the audience gets the whole experience.

Does this continue the evolution of your dark matter?

We're working on 3 new songs which going to be released soon, before the next full length.

And to describe the style it will be Profound and Detrahamus combined with new elements.

Where we´re going deeper into the possibilities of using more instruments on this one.

Your lyrical inspiration is varied and intense.

‘’Some passages connect to Christianity - cause the topic, has its moments. But I tend to search in the dark writings not when Jesus walked on water.

‘’And some passages honour renowned authors amazing writings. We “depict” in sound what they have created, in words. And that’s an endless inspiration for me.

Do you find being tagged as Orchestral Black Metal Limiting?

‘’We’re definitely within the genre - but I wouldn´t say, we are limited to that. We refer to ourselves as “pure dark matter” - those words define our music. We’ll never be limited in our sound.

‘’People may or may not like what we compose - because we never rely on one genre.

We have read some peoples review on Detrahamus And you could clearly see, they expected another “Profound”. Well, I’m so fucking glad to disappoint them - because they truly don’t know anything about music, unless the band makes them another bowl of the same shit - only thing I can say to that is: go fuck yourself! Not SINNRS!

How man never seems to learn from history?

‘’Since the crusades you mean, ha ha.

‘’No but seriously. Since man as you call it - let´s call it human has walked the earth - there has been conflicts in smaller or larger scales. In my opinion - we will NEVER learn - because we insist to make the same stupid mistakes over and over. That´s the most scaring part - making decisions with your ego, not contemplating how those decisions you make can shatter life. It is doomed to fail.

Sinnrs is not affected by the material and media of the world? Your intent is much deeper?

‘’We could sure be more active than we are. We appreciate peoples' comments and how they receive our products (constructively) But yes, for us it's all about the music.

Having varied music influences allow you to be more creative and enhance your musical vision?

‘’Film composers is one of my great inspirations. And also, classic composers

It's a kind of music you can't make today - with the same vision and sonata.

is it time to redefine what extreme music is?

‘’I´m not into labelling genre. I would say that extreme music shouldn´t have any limits. People should play anything they want to and not be limited by musical dogmas.

Is this also a part of never making the same musical moment twice?

‘’I can't say that someday, we will find the perfect niche for the band. But until that day we'll keep exploring the music realm, and never be limited!

Fortunately, that's vexes some people - which is just perfect for us.

What is next for Sinnrs?

For the moment we´re preparing for playing concerts abroad in 2023 - so yes! We´ll play a few in our own country this year. And then focusing on the new songs and the next album.

Tops 6 albums of all time.

That’s not easy….

Not in a particular order:

Pink Floyd - Animals

Mike Oldfield - Crisis

Dissection - Storm of the lights Bane

Interstellar - Movie soundtrack

Death - Spiritual Healing

Type O Negative - Bloody Kisses

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