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Sinners Moon-''We’re discovering new possibilities"

How did Sinners Moon Begin?

LukeN: ‘’We are from Slovakia and we began as a side project along with my ex-band, later after finding members we decided to continue as a band.’’

How did you find the name Sinners Moon?

LukeN:’’ It was just something from one song that I learned back when I was in the church choir, a little wordplay to be exact, and as it seems, it worked pretty well, I didn´t have a need to change the name since the beginning ’’

You have a new EP on the way Dies Irae. How is it progressing?

LukeN:’’ We already have almost everything recorded, now it is really just a matter of a few weeks maybe to finish it and we´ll see the new Sinners Moon record, which I am really looking forward to.’’

How did it different musically from your previous releases?

LukeN:’’ I don´t think it is that widely different from previous work. We wanted to go back to the roots of our symphonic metal and to give more space to our singer duo.’’

When do you expect to release it?

LukeN:’’ Soon hopefully :)’’

You also have a new singer? How did this come about?

LukeN:’’ We had an misunderstandings with our previous singer which left us without any previous warnings and so it happened that Šárka was looking for a band as well as we were looking for a new singer, so that played well. I can say by now that she is more than a capable replacement on this place and is very talented and versatile as a singer...and funny too :)’’

What can we expect from the new line up?

LukeN: More shows, more records hopefully

Šárka: ‘’Well, we’re discovering new possibilities, and we are really looking forward on how it´s gonna sound together. We will have our first concert soon and with that in mind, we hope it will go well.’’

Do you still consider yourselves Symphonic metal?

LukeN: ‘’Well, we still play it, so I think we do’’

How do you define it?

LukeN: ‘’It is metal and it´s symphonic, hehe :) Just kidding, I would pretty much describe it as a metal combined with a lot of keyboards and orchestral elements, and choirs, sometimes a lots of choirs :)’’

Symphonic metal has gone grown so much. How big did you think it can get?

LukeN: ‘’To be honest I really have no idea, but the truth is, there are literally thousands of bands that has some great stuff to offer and it is pretty awesome, is it not?’’

Šárka:’’ I think, thanks to the well-known bands such as Nightwish, Epica, Delain, Within Temptation,etc. Symphonic metal is gaining more and more attention from people who do not otherwise listen to other styles of metal because it is melodic and catchy. And that’s why the symphonic metal is getting so much popularity and that is why so many bands are dedicated to it. Perhaps there will be a place even for us on the world´s biggest stages one day

When writing does the music or lyrical idea come first?

LukeN: ‘’It really depends on the mood of the song. For me sometimes even the name of the song comes first and then everything else.’’

What influences Sinners Moon. Music, movies, art, literature?

LukeN: ‘’I am a huge Star Wars fan, so surely some ideas came from there, also the big Nightwish fan, this you can really hear on Atlantis album, and I am not going to deny it :)’’

You have a diverse sound. Are any musical style off limits?

LukeN: ‘’Not to be rude to someone, but I am not very much of a fan of rap or electronic music of these days’’

Do you allow current events to influence the band or do you prefer to use your music as an escape from everyday life?

LukeN: ‘’These days you hear a lot about the virus, so we decided to dedicate this EP to the people who lost someone or feel the pain of everyday life, I am sure you will like the song too, but later on that subject ’’

Šárka: ‘’We were forced to interrupt band rehearsals for a few months, mainly because of limited transport situation for some of our members. Now we are fully rehearsing again, and I can say for myself that I am very much looking forward to each rehearsal. Guys are great companions and it is worth my time to give it this way, even if it is difficult sometimes. Same goes for recording vocals. Its challenging, but it makes sense, and I know it will move us further.’’

Is the Slovakian scene a big one? Diverse?

LukeN:’’ We do have a few bands here and there, multiple genres and a lot of rock and metal fans, so yes, we can say that it is quite big.’’

Šárka: ‘’I think it’s really very diverse, although I think there is less attention paid to metal here In Slovakia. Yet in my home country of Czech Republic it is widely different, and you can see and hear metal on every corner, so to speak.’’

Do you get to tour often? Favourite place to play?

LukeN:’’ No not really, at least not in last two years that have been really hard to us and stopped us from doing Anything after 3 members left the band, but life goes on and we are back on the track, hopefully even greater than before’’

Future Plans?

LukeN:’’ I am planning on finishing of our second full length album, that is on the way sometimes next year and meantime, shows and more shows’’

Šárka:’’ We would like to release a new album, break the neck in the world of music and focus ourselves mainly on making a good music. Fingers crossed!

Top 5 albums of all time?

LukeN: a hard one, but let´s try it...

1. Nightwish - Once,

2. Metallica - Black Album,

3. Helloween -Keeper of The Seven Keys,

4. Epica - Divine Conspiracy,

5. Simon & Garfunkel- Bridge over troubled water

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