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Sharone - ‘I am lyrically inspired by chaos'

'These voices hold me like a marionette

Control every move I ever make’


‘The “puppet master” that I sing about in “Marionette” is anxiety, and mental illness as a whole, controlling my mind, emotions, and behaviour. So many of us struggle with mental illness and for some reason it’s not exactly normalized to talk about. I wanted to write a song that brought some light to the subject.’

‘These words you’ve cut me with

Have burned into my skin

Made me the enemy

Through the hell you’ve given me’

‘Can We Pretend’

‘Can We Pretend is about living a facade and feeling trapped in a relationship that’s tearing you apart for the sake of sustaining an image or appearance.’

‘Music is like therapy for me. I write to cope with the things I go through in my life. It’s almost like venting in an artistic way, and every song is a release.’

‘Music videos are another creative outlet of mine. Despite being a songwriter, I love being able to display the experiences I write about, or the emotions they provoked, in a visual way. ‘

‘I've always been addicted to chaos

That's just how you see it’


‘I am lyrically inspired by chaos. It’s almost as if every time something chaotic happens in my life, I find the muse to write a song. So, I find myself seeking out chaos for lyrical inspiration. I guess you could call it an addiction.’

‘I grew up listening to artists such as P!nk, Bonnie Tyler, and Celine Dion, who all got me interested in singing and performing. It was when I discovered bands like Evanescence, Halestorm, and In This Moment that I knew I wanted to be a rock artist. I’ve had a handful of vocal lessons throughout my life. I briefly trained in Italian Arias. But I taught myself how to sing in the more rock and pop style that I do now. The more classical vocal style that I trained in occasionally makes its way into my music. Vocal Fry is a style I’ve always really loved and have been interested in learning. But I haven’t quite gotten there yet.’

‘I consider my music dark rock. With my recent material it’s gone in a more hard rock/metal direction. I have loved working with DI Records. They work hard for and really care about their artists.’

‘Thanks for leaving me cold

And lifeless


I have nothing left to give.’


‘Leaving the darkness in my music allows for a happier life…with a hint of Halloween 365 days a year.’

‘Honestly, I feel like a completely different person than I was just a few years ago. I’ve gone through a lot of pretty major life events and changes and have learned to let go of that “control” and just be.’

‘The passion

Pouring out of my veins….’


‘This will remain a solo project. At least for now.’

‘A new album will be dropping in the late spring. It touches on themes like facades, dreams, and being honest with yourself. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the new music.’

‘Often times I find myself collecting inspiration for new songs from the books I’m reading or even a painting I look at.’

‘Personal experiences inspire my music and lyrics, but often times global events will influence how I present the material.’

‘My solo project is a full-time job for sure. But I had always wanted to play keys for another rock band. That opportunity was presented to me this year, so I also play keys in a band called Heartsick Heroine out of Denver. I guess you could say I’m spreading myself thin, but my life is full of music and I wouldn’t have it any other way.’

‘I’d never live it down if I left

I’d hate to go but can we pretend….’

“Can We Pretend”

‘My music is dark and melancholy, so I do my best to make my live shows more energetic and fun. I love to play with theatrics and different props and costumes. Every time I play a show, I leave it all on that stage.’

‘The Denver (USA) music is blossoming with an abundance of local bands. Before the Covid-19 pandemic you could find a live show any given night of the week, in a variety of genres most of the time. Even since the pandemic we’ve had a bunch of online streamed shows and festivals. We’re very lucky here.’

‘I’m currently working on my new album. It’s my first release with DI Records. The album is scheduled to drop in the late Spring. A date and album name will be announced soon. So, stay tuned.’

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