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Severed Raw Nerve - What fresh Hell is This!

Hailing from the central coast of NSW Australia, Severed Raw Nerve ‘it comes from the saying to server a raw nerve’ .Consisting of the combined talents of Darren Goulding ( Vocals /Guitar/ Bass) Eddie Cam ( Guitar) and Rob Wolf Drums it is a name that has been rumbling through out the Australian underground for what seems an eternity as Darren explains

It is been a name only for over 20 years. why so long?

''Óthers leaving, I joined Sulkus, so we just bailed joined back up 18 months ago.''

Is it going to be a band or a Project?

“Yes, it’s our focus musically when we started back with the Wolf (Rob ex Epitaph)’

Is it best described as Raw death metal?

‘Old school death metal or mates in the states Asian countries call it RAW death metal but it gets very hardcore punk u wait’

What is Hotel Mandala?

‘It is a mental health ward in Gosford hospital. (No, I’ve never bean but heard really bad things hence the trakk)’

What’s the music about?

‘Horror for the bulk of it, some fairdinkum in there, some possession issues n killing rock spiders.’

What inspires you? Books? art? Literature?


Or Jack, ganja and horror movies?

‘When you arrive into tragedy the antidote is in the poison. ‘

Where’s the proper album?

‘Yes mate 8 trakk LP in December we go in the title Strange melody that infects the Flesh.’

You've been involved for 30 years why still do it?

‘Without this music I would be FUKKD.’

What makes brutal Australian music awesome?

No-one attacks a guitar like an Australian. Angry Anderson ‘

What’s changed in extreme metal since Misery?

‘Well there wasn't that many sub styles n it wasn't as separate as it is now.’

Good Aussie Bands?

Burial Chamber

Doomed n disgusting

Bone Marrow


Live shows planned?

‘No shows kuzzin for a spell heaps of recording. Video ×2’

Projects on the Side?

‘The shit kids’

Your first album with Misery (the legendary A Necessary Evil) finally on vinyl?

It's awesome Scotty n Rob came to a show Til Rapture was playing up Brizzo n gave two copies great night great mates’

for more mayhem contact;

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