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Sarvekas - ''There is only the truth that we love, fear, respect, and hate. Nature is everything. ''

What are the Woven Dark Paths?

A.A. (Drums) ‘’We decided on this name for the album from the title track. Its idea was ready before it was named, and we chose the name later to represent the whole album because it reflects the overall feeling and atmosphere of the album very well. The song is about the Norns. They are the entities that weave the fates of men and even the gods in Norse Mythology. The dark paths can be seen as the paths that the Norns weave for men. The paths men take to go to war or venerate especially the darkness of nature in any way. The songs can be seen as one narrative with few exceptions, about a path and the visions that the protagonist takes and sees. All in all, there are these foreboding apocalyptic visions and dark introspection, and descriptions of rituals and battles in the album.

It is an incredible debut. Was it long in creating?

''Thank you. We immediately started to work on the songs of” Woven Dark Paths” after the release of our EP and a few of them were finished pretty quickly, some took more time. Some of the ideas were almost ready at the start of the work process and some were developed during composing. Deciding the order of the songs was a bit hard at the start but the big picture was formed after about half of the songs were done and some demos were still in the making. The” common thread” of the album was finalized about half a year before recording but the last tweaks and changes of some songs were done almost at the last minute before entering the studio. All in all, the process was pretty effortless.

It is inspired by the greats yet carries its own signature style.

J L (Vocals, Guitars, Bass) ‘’Let's just say that when I write music, I don’t consciously try to be innovative. In this band, you can hear the same things that I appreciate when I listen to black metal. It is also not intended to repeat what has been done before, but in the writing phase, some things just sound good and end up in the songs. In fact, before Woven Dark Paths came out, I never thought that it would have such a strong connection to the 90s as has been revealed in the reviews.

The importance of staying true to the ideologies of black metal.

‘’The ideological part is of course important but let's just say this music and especially the style we play comes from us naturally. We’ve also been interested in our history and Scandinavian mythology, ancient Germanic paganism, and of course Finnish mythology since we were young, so it was a clear choice from the beginning on what kind of path we wanted to take with the project.

Is it possible to explain the nature of duality? The darkness and light, the beautiful and the obscene?

‘’Good question. We believe that when analyzing spiritualism, nature, and the universe you cannot only look at the visual elements. This means nature is full of darkness even in broad daylight. In the same way, your path is lit, and everything is visible even in the darkest of nights. The same goes for your second example. In the universe, every being finds its own perspective on things. Opposites are the creations of the human mind. Nature is one and the same dark and relentless truth and void from every angle and if one had to find a name for this divine energy, it might be” Satan” Our spirituality breathes nature, and we spend as much time there as possible because there are no opinions or religions. The flaws of humanity are not around. There is only the truth that we love, fear, respect, and hate. Nature is everything.

How do you define the true Nordic Spirit?

‘’Well, maybe it could be described by the Finnish word sisu. Which means willpower but with a more profound touch to it. The people in the Nordic countries tend to have this kind of strong spirit in them. Maybe it is because of the harsh cold and dark weather they have to live in. It surely breeds melancholy in your heart, but it has to be faced with perseverance. It also describes Nordic people’s close and sometimes even mystical connection to nature.

Should societies ignorance insult you or are you not bothered by it, when it comes to ignoring traditions?

‘’The people who are interested in the same topics that we are, surely find them and ruminate on their profound meanings and philosophy at least on some level. We must say that modern society is like cancer for us. It is clearly a corrupt way of life, and we try to separate ourselves from it as much as possible.

Is it possible to explain the inherent violence within black metal?

‘’You could think that black metal as a channel of art is generally primitive. When you consciously drop yourself from the habits and problems of the modern world, what remains is a primitive beast. Beasts are violent and when you perceive the world with primitive instinct, violence is part of it.

‘’We both discovered black metal when we were early teenagers a bit over 20 years ago. The ideology and the dark aspects of life and the primitiveness of this music interested us. It remains vital because it is a way of life. No need to add anything else to this.

Plans for the future and new releases.

‘’Plans for the future are bringing our black heathen steel to the stages as soon as possible and there is also some new material in the forge already, but we of course cannot say anything about it yet.

Top 6 albums of all time?

We listen to many genres of music so these kinds of questions are always too hard to answer. But let’s try. It will be mostly black metal for both of us.

Satyricon - Nemesis Divina, Burzum - Filosofem, Gorgoroth - Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam, Emperor - In The Nightside Eclipse, Marduk - World Funeral, Dissection - Storm Of The Light’s Bane -A. A

Mayhem - De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas, Satyricon - Nemesis Divina, Iron Maiden - The Number of The Beast, Watain - Casus Luciferi, Darkthrone - A Blaze In The Northern Sky, Immortal - Pure Holocaust -J.L.

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