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Sacrifizer _ "Dakota and AOR"'

The mighty Sacrifizer have been terrorizing the underground since 2017. 2019 saw the release of La Mort Triomphante and wield the blade for Satan with their frenetic brand of extreme metal. It is a fast and evil ode to the 80's fury of the genre. Lethal (drums) Night Reaper (Guitar) Steel Grinder (Guitar) Sexumer (Vocals) and Slaughterwytch (bass) have just signed with Osmose records and they are still celebrating ....

‘’Hails! We started to drink at 12 but don’t worry we made our jog in the morning"

The best beers to consume when listening to Sacrifizer?

“Becker’s beers. aluminum taste and cheap’’

Should you bring out your own Sacrifizer lager?


Congratulations on your signing to Osmose. How did it come together?

‘’We have been contacted by the mighty Osmose then just said yes!’’

Do you have any new material waiting to go?

‘’We will fuck your ass with it bro’’

Are you going to re-record any classics? Masacrator perhaps?

“’We will just record new stuff’’

Will it be any different? Faster, heavier?

‘’Epic and satanic....’’

Will it still be uncompromising Sacrifizer?


Where did Sacrifizer come from?


What goes into writing the perfect riff?

‘’Drunk and fast with aggressive sound’’

Lyrically? Will you be influenced by events around you?

‘’Oof horror movies and satanic sluts’’

Does the devil still have the best tunes or are they yours?

‘’We have.’’

Your influences and what got you into metal?

‘’80’s shit and A O R ‘’

Any films or books influence the band?

‘’Old Italian horror movies and shit’’

Should metal stay underground?


we will just record new stuff

What is true metal?

‘’Dakota. AOR’’

Your thoughts on modern metal? Any good? Who should we be listening to?


Missing playing live? World tour?

‘’Of course, we miss this, but we will kill it again, fuck it’s hard to type I am drunk….

Plans for world domination….

‘’Miami !’’

Favourite 6 of all time?



Dark Angel



Chet Baket

Best hangover cure?

‘’This night’’


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