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Sacrenoir - ''I am an advocate of individualism and misanthropy''

Comme des Revenants Parmi les Ruines is a celebration of true black metal. How important is this for you?

Athros (Unknown) ‘’It is, but it is not done intentionally. It came naturally. After I recorded Nordmen Vertus Guerrieres in 2003, I have work with various bands with various black metal interpretations. With Sacrenoir, I'm again the main song writer and my style is the old school stuff. No need to force it, it's where I come from. The album's filthy sound is the result of us doing it ourselves rather than an aesthetic choice. People who will listen to the album will probably feel that yes it can be a celebration of true black metal.

Should black metal be forever in shrouded in darkness and aggression?

‘’In general I would think so. There is also great ambient or atmospheric music that would fit the bill. If the mood is right. Same with nationalist or some folk influenced bands. Again, if the mood is right. I know what you mean with your question. Progress does not mean better. Quite the contrary.

The many vocal styles reflect the themes running through the album.

‘’Yes, our vocalist Monarque is a veteran in the Quebec scene. He knows how to do it right. If you listen to the lyrics, you'll hear the intensity in his performance.

Your thoughts on its corruption via the various new styles like Post black metal?

‘’Well, I don't listen to it. I am aware of various sub genres. Some might be good, but I don't like most of them. In the bunch of newer bands there is some great one’s great records as well. I am not that eager in discovering new bands as I were before. I stick with the classics and some few recent offerings as well. If some bands decide to do alien stuff in their "black metal" music, it's up to them. They have to keep in mind that they'll probably be hated... or loved... we live in strange times. One day I saw an article or maybe it was a video on "safe black metal bands" how ridiculous. Fuck off.

‘’Aux portes de l'enfer’’ what will we find at the gates of hell?

‘’On the other side, a place where our primary instincts are celebrated. Where the weak burn and the strong rules eternally. If you let hatred fill your whole body and soul, you'll understand the urge to get there. If not, I'll suggest to change your lifestyle.

Should society be purified by fire and does its ignorance insult you or are you not bothered by it?

‘’In flames of purification, great Bilskirnir album by the way. The key word here is, you said it, society. Your most intelligent readers will of course agree that society is plagued and should collapse. Wherever you are in the world, you should see or feel that society or progress or whatever they call it is the enemy. Strong free men should move as far as possible from it and prepare accordingly. I am an advocate of individualism and misanthropy. For our case, Québec should have become way better than it is now. The same could be said pretty much everywhere. We are indeed surrounded by idiots. The mass chose it or think they did. Too bad from them. In the meantime, you can work actively for the fall or move away and watch it burn. With time, I found that hate gives you the power to live through all of this as you don't have any sympathy for anyone or anything. Just enjoying the shit show.

Is it possible to explain the inherent violence within black metal? Or is it something that you feel and does not require explanation?

‘’Hmm, it feels natural for us. Maybe some kind of scholar could answer it better. For me, that is the way our transferred energy sounds with musical instruments, I guess. Same principle would apply if you were a weak dumbass writing some pop music. Our aura is amplified to sound that way. Some people could fake it, but you can spot those most of the time.

What drew you to black metal and why is it still so vital?

‘’It is a part of me that won't go away. As a kid born and raised in the 80s, heavy metal was present early on in my life. Still listening some of those 80s bands. But something was missing in those bands that I was looking for. Lyrics was the first thing, like love and fucking, nothing wrong with fucking, but the power I was looking for was not quite there. Like everyone in the 90s I got too heavier from trash to death metal. Still good, but I got a revelation when I first heard my first black metal records. Everything was to my earing expectations. The raw energy felt more authentic than other genres. Black metal is still the best way to translate myself into music.

Are there many comrades in the Quebec scene?

‘’I met most of them playing live with Forteresse, some great bands. I am not a social person. I talked to a lot of people from the scene but don't know them personally besides the individuals with whom I performed in a band with.

The evolution of Sacrenoir?

‘’We don't have an agenda. When everything is aligned, we can work on some music in a burst of inspiration. As of now, the second album is already in preparation. We can work on that and release it. We might work on other projects as well meanwhile; we don't owe anything to anyone so when we do something with Sacrenoir you can be assured it is felt and authentic and not rushed in for the sake of having an album out.

Plans for the future and new releases.

‘’Like I said, the second album is in preparation. We improved our recording equipment. The old 4 tracker is gone. You can expect a slightly improved sound. We are experimenting with line ups as well to see how everything can sound as a band vs a duo. Don't expect any touring as it is not what Sacrenoir is about but might do some appearances in exclusive festivals. We'll see.

Top 6 albums of all time?

‘’Graveland thousand swords made a huge impact on me first time I listened to it. Still amazing today. The first Burzum albums are all fantastic. Transylvanian hunger by Darkthrone, what a classic. Infernum taur nu fuin. Dissection storm of the light's bane and of course the mighty De mysteriis Dom sathanas by Mayhem.

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