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Resonance - Throat - Dödsrit - Unaussprechlichen Kulten

Throat - Blood Exaltation 9/10

An EP that consists of two new track and two demo tracks (Being the New Flesh Nectar demo). Blood Exaltation the Polish triumvirate debut that is Throat could be considered one of the more harrowing experiences in recent memory.

Taking some moments from intense hardcore and the utter depravity of extreme girindcore,  they have merged it with a sense of utter darkness and pure black metal  that Klątwa (curse)  is a nightmare of styles rhythms and frantic times changes  that is delivered in the urgency in an exorcism of utter release that purges the system and has dire consequences for the listener. The nine minutes of insanity that is ‘’Chuć’ is ominous in its spareness, the discordance scratching against the skin, abrasive, unforgiving and remorseless with its painful doom inspired moments.

The soundscapes of New Flesh Nectar II are haunting, soul piercing before the vocals unleash themselves in utter anguish. The roughshod production a perfect representation of the presence that infects the music, even the most basic of rhythms are delivered in a matter that is distorted, unhuman in its presence, the mutation all encompassing. The preceding nightmare that is New Flesh Nectar I a mere introduction to the utter bleakness and nihilism that is their music. The end inevitable,  inexorable its passing little relief.

Blood Exaltation is an experience in dread from the depths that plunge the listener into a maelstrom of despair and bleak violence. It takes the notion of art and music and twist in into a malevolent occultist force of black metal that is horrific, intense, and unforgiving

Dödsrit - Nocturnal Will 8.5/10

The personal struggle of Sweden’s Dödsrit continues with their hymns of devotion and suffering on their third release Nocturnal Will and album that personifies their existence and visceral energy.

From the opening salvo of ‘’ Irjala’’ Dodsrit deliver intense melodic black metal that is infused with a tremendous sense of energy and purpose. The twin guitars soar whilst the rhythm section drives what was a solo act into a coherent band with extraordinary focus and determination. The potency and musicianship are evident across all six tracks including two instrumentals, the brief Ember and Ash and the quite epic ‘’Utmed Gyllbergens stig’’ with its gradual crescendo that carries all the hallmarks of not only fantastic melodic black metal but true unfiltered Metal that is memorable defiant and rousing.

‘’ As Death Comes Reaping’’ is ten plus minutes of harrowing intensity that’s is as memorable as it is haunting,  the simpler moments pure black metal power and fierce commitment, the intricacy of the guitar work is  astonishing along with the confidence to dive from melody into rapid 2/4  punishing  unforgiving  attack, the subtleties are brief and the atmosphere a natural result of the intensity bought about by the natural progression of the music,  its final minutes as powerful as anything you may have heard before, the Swedish heritage is true and loyal, Dissection and Bathory inflections create a sense of majesty amongst the turmoil,  its coda a beautiful fade into oblivion.

The Scandinavian prowess has never been more profound. Dodsrit may have been an unknown quantity until now but Nocturnal Will is a defining moment that heralds the true arrival of their atmospheric black metal that is as bleak as it is rewarding. Intricate yet also immediate, their a re briefs rays of light amongst the darkness that is superbly crafted and excellently executed. Highly recommended!

Unaussprechlichen Kulten – Häxan Sabaoth 8/10

Unaussprechlichen Kulten represent extremity in every way, their name representing the book of arcane literature in the Cthulhu Mythos and Lovecraftian mythology. Their sonic torture dating back to 2001 has only heralded six full length releases with Häxan Sabaoth being the Chileans latest.

For those unfamiliar with Latin American death metal, it is fierce, uncompromising and delivers a darkness that their northern neighbours cannot match, Unequalled in their ferocity and denseness, a sound so thick and cloying the double chug of ‘’ Dho Hna Formula’’ virtually terrifying amongst the discordant chaos and slower passages that represent ‘’ Back to the Mother Hydra and Father Dagon’’.  This is a very guitar orientated album and the riffs are delivered with intense heat or the cold brittleness of black metal that makes itself present in sections. It is however wildly diverse and incredibly fast, from the brief synth of the epic  “ Die Teufelsbücher” and its solos underpinned by the constant onslaught of double kicks, or the razor sharp intensity of ‘’ Lamia Sucuba’’ the lengthy tracks  are on constant time changes and movement, defiant uncompromising  yet with an ear for melody amongst the madness. The atmosphere is colossal, the brief spoken words adding testimony to the ritual that ranks amongst the greats of death metal. When the pace drops and the atmosphere kicks in, as on the huge bridge that is ‘’Cuatro Velas de Cebo Infantil’’ it is proof that they are unafraid to experiment within the genre yet staying loyal to their roots with even more great flourishes of guitar madness.

Häxan Sabaoth is without doubt Unaussprechlichen Kulten’s greatest moment and at times a tremendous representation of their sheer force of will. This is brutal proudly delivered hard edged death metal used as a weapon that is wildly addictive and damaging to the senses! Highly recommended.

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