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Resonance- The Amenta, Heretic, Los Males Del Mundo, Nicholas Cage Fighter!

The Amenta – Revelator. 9.5/10

The Amenta have always been in pursuit of pushing boundaries and creating sonic mayhem. From Occasus to NoN where they blew the top of my head off and their malicious diseased finger probed the recesses of my brain, I became a diehard Amentite (?!) eagerly awaiting each new release.

Revelator could not come quick enough, after 8 years it is a vital energetic album that punishes with their non- conformism as well as it captures a more immediate sound. This is the Amenta at the height of musical prowess and progression. Using more natural instruments, “Sere Money” with its groove laden elements, the punishing “Parasight Lost “and the personal highlight “Twined Towers” a track of such depth, layering and Cains impressive vocal work. The final 2 minutes with that riff, the keys and singing. Intense without the need for percussion….

Superlatives are not required with Revelator at a mere 46 minutes none of its moments are wasted. It is a demanding unified body of work that rewards its listeners and demands to be played again … and again.

Heretic – Free of Flesh 8.5/10

I am new to escapist Black Metal. Fortunately, Auckland’s Heretic is not, and Free of Flesh is a large body of work dedicated to the Countess Bathory in musical form. From Opener Mlastina Delerium. With its large swathes of black metal riffing and a raw drum sound that evokes drama and allows you to escape in its lengthy instrumental passages. The use of piano’s and guitars to create dynamics without it ever veering off into mindless black metal.

Written and performed by Samuel Barriball with guest musicians. Free of Flesh is purposeful and haunting. Lumini Ciudate and the riff of Mort La Sosire create an atmosphere that you can lose yourself within. An instrumental work using Black metal as its base Heretic is not limited by it and uses its darkness to evoke and create.

Los Males Del Mundo- Descent Toward Death 9/10

the Haunting Album cover is just a mere introduction of the musical challenges that lay within. Having the words literally forced from the victim’s mouth Los Males Del Mundo excel in thought provoking lyricism evoking the philosophies of Nietzsche and Cioran and have created a bold daring album. To simply call this black metal is to limit the bands depth and musical prowess, Descent towards Death is a journey through the darkness of the human psyche and the emotions to that go with it. At time almost Nihilistic the music matches the lyricism, and the result is something that can only be described as … heavy. Unrelentingly heavy.

Daring original and unflinching, this is a band in complete control of its destiny and have presented a complete body of work. The Silent Agony and Nothing But a Lie encapsulate the ferocity and purpose of a band that translates the evils of the world into music.

Nicholas Cage Fighter – Cast You Out 8.5/10

The band with the coolest name in metal have retuned. Metalcore/Hardcore? I’m not too sure of genres to put them in but Cast You Out is an energetic, behemoth of musical prowess from the mighty Victorians. Exiler with foot on the throat attack, Devils Head with its 2/4 assault, if you’re looking for subtlety f..k off and go listen to something else!

The bass throbs whilst the vocal delivery of Nick Moriarty is sharp and scathing. Loosely conceptual, the music is as tight and professional as it comes. Dead Ends with its huge breakdown further proof that solos and self-indulgence are not a part of this bands DNA.

Cast You Out should be at the top of anybody’s list for incendiary, intelligent, short sharp heaviness!!

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