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Resonance- Project 34, Noltem, Bizarre, Hellbomb

Project 34 – Project 34 9.5/10

Reviewed with the band’s permission.

Although currently unsigned. Project 34 is a complete immersive experience that chronicles the life of man over 19 tracks. Based In Australia yet involving over 30 musicians and styles from every part of the planet.

From the power and horror of Words, the dissonance of Memorial Vale, the beauty of Reflect, the chaos of Emit with its blast beats and post Black Metal darkness, to the glorious uplifting solo of Ebony, Project 34 is an experience unlike no other, a journey that you will connect with as you travail the perils and triumphs of humankinds powerful yet fragile existence. As real as emotions and yet as intangible as trying to label them.

The musicianship is aplomb and beyond reproach, and at four years in the making the result is stunning in its cohesiveness and vision. Not a moment is wasted or self-indulgent. It’s emotional (re-unite1) purposeful (Walking) and adventurous (Cryptic). Mature and yet at times deliberately irrational, you will be left speechless by the fearlessness, determination and the ability to surprise of not an album but an essential work of musical art.

Noltem- Illusions in the Wake 9.2/10

From the moment Figment begins it is perfectly clear that Noltem from the US are going to take all preconceived notions of Atmospheric Black Metal and utterly destroy them with a debut release that is tempered in maturity and emotional in its vocal release.

Illusions In The Wake is a stunner of depth and musical excursion, fearlessly confident Noltem aren’t afraid to combine their musical progression with some of the hallmarks of black metal including blast beats and furious double kicking. At six tracks Illusions in the wake becomes a highly immersive personal experience, a journey you take with the band, through their elements of rock, folk, psychedelic and metal.

On shores Of Glass and Beneath the Dreaming Blue are personal musical highlights that are fearless in progression, proud in its melody and impeccable musicianship. Actually, every track is a highlight the interlude of Submerged and the power of Ruse without a precious moment wasted that combines to create a brilliantly executed, unforgettable listening experience you will want to return to. Unmissable

Bizarre – Invocation Codex 8.5/10

Lovecraftian Death Metal Indeed! Spain’s Bizarre have crafted a tangible offering Of Death Metal excellence with their Latest release Invocation Codex. From the opening salvo of An Obsolete Creation, Bizarre make their intentions perfectly clear, this is finely crafted death metal with purpose, brutality and intent. Thematically based upon Lovecraft’s offerings of Darkness and horror.

The shadow over Innsmouth has the classic sort of riff that will get your head moving ala Teutonic thrash before throwing itself into super-fast speed sections without delving into grind core before returning to more catchy riffing. Ex Oblivione explores more mid-tempo heaviness, more fantastic riffs and excellent drumming a more anthemic track with foot stomps, solos, and some more insane speed. The production is excellent, clear without losing the bands personality or their heaviness

If you had any doubts Souls In Formaldehyde and Speeches of the Damned is pure unadulterated death metal, crushing drums and hellish growls, Invocation Codex is Death Metal in all its technical, brutal ugly glory!

Hellbomb -Noise Worship Propaganda 8.5/10

Hellbomb have been described as a four-man killing machine and for once the promotion is right! Noise, Worship, Propaganda is exactly that, An E.P of short sharp intense metal that cracks the neck and assault the senses.

At a meagre three tracks Anti Morality, Obliteration Rites and Noise Worship Propaganda come at you with some blackened death metal delivered at a punk, hardcore pace reminiscent of the Exploited’s thrashier days. Hellbomb’s fearsome reputation is well earned, the assault is frenetic and brutal, I’m at a loss for words how Alexey Semyonov is able to play drums and do vocals on this. Primitive with lethal bursts of blasting death metal the pace does slow at times not to draw breath but pile on some brutality. Combining the punk with the black is seamless and natural.

Tight fast and technical with chants, screeches and growls, drums that strip the hair off your back and guitars that suck the brains out of your head, Noise Worship Propaganda is immediate, intense, and unmissable

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