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Resonance - Leaves Eyes - Ana

Leaves' Eyes - Myths of Fate 8.5/10

The eminently prolific Leaves Eyes return with another ode of intense Norse Mythology, love, and history with their ninth full length album Myths Of Fate, The German and Finnish outfit continue to evolve from their Gothic Symphonic origins and merge them with undeniable Norse infused metal!

It must be stated form the outset that Elina Siirala is now such a vital seamless part of the band that the music feels stronger, more emotive, and authentic with her incredible vocal contributions. ‘’ The quieter moment that is “’Goddess Of the Night”” is hauntingly evocative and a superb reflection of her talent. Musically Myths of Fate whilst being instantly recognizable as Leaves Eyes it is full of a spirit and intensity that is highlighted on ”In Eternity” Those missing the romantic mythology will find it  within the Epic  “Hammer of The Gods’’ with its pure metal power and soaring crescendo, the beautiful bridge unleashing  a terrific solo and the unmistakeable urge to physically acknowledge  its excellence. “’ Who Wants to Live Forever’’ harkens to the symphonic that is upbeat and infused with their trademark energy.

The riff to “Sail with the Dead’’ is the perfect darkened counterpoint to Elina Siirala’s incredible vocal work, the classical inflections rich and deep with emotion. ‘’Elder Spirit’’ is a slower paced number full of storytelling prowess and the ever-present reliable growling style of Alexander Krull that is unmistakable.

It is hard not to get caught up in the infectious swagger of the album. ‘’ Einherjar’’ is pure Viking infused metal with great trade off vocals between the leads, its solo finely crafted and its groove immediate.  The chant of ‘’ Sons of Triglav’’ will be banging around in your head after its first listen and it is pure Leave’s Eyes delivered with a passion and vigour that is uniquely their own.

Myths of Fate is pure cinematic storytelling crafted into an excellent metal record. If you had any doubts about the power of this album “Forged by Fire ‘’ will dispel them immediately. Superbly crafted coherent and immediate, it is a stunning return that traverses the romantic, symphonic, Viking with a fistful of proud heritage filled metal.

Ana – The Art OF Letting Go 8.5/10

Formed January 2023 in Melbourne, Australia, Ana is the collective of a group of impressively talented musicians that have already created a debut EP, The Art of Letting Go

that is a journey of mystery and personal emotions created with vibrant symphonic metal.

From the opening of ‘’I’m Not the One’’ to the Vaudevillian infused power of Ouroboros (and that Riff) matched by the symphonic majesty that is ‘’Scars’’.  Ana is blessed with the power and beauty that is the voice of Anna Khristenko that really shines. The energy and multifaceted emotive range of her voice is accompanied by a great guitar prowess and rousing keyboard melody.’’ Moth’ is the vocal highlight with its balladic beginnings merging into a classical orientated piece of pure power metal, the keyboard energy memorable before it seamlessly merges back to the vocals for a touching coda. ‘’Sirens” also deserves mentioning as another piece of excellent symphonic metal with its instantly memorable refrain and its visceral emotion.

The art Of Letting go is an incredible debut, it is that cohesive and complete that it is a testimony to the talent and strength of the songs within that make it a standout. Ana is an act that deserves your immediate attention.



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