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Resonance- le Satanisme et la Magie, Empyrean Fire, Bihargam, Plauguestorm

Le Satanisme et la Magie

Ritual abuse Hysteria 8.5/10

Arising from the “Bible Belt” of the southern states in the US. Ritual Abuse Hysteria is a new label that specializes in delivering the purest form of Black Metal! This 12 track compilation features the the wrathful vengeance of Maw and ‘Them worming Ones”, “The Bones of Heathens” by Reproach and The Bleak with “Rift”.

Mighty odes to darkness reflect the different styles of Lo-Fi and traditional black metal along with some insane riffing and vocals extricated from the bowels of hell itself . It's not all speed and fury and there are some subtle inflections from two highlights; Thumos “The Betrayers is Come” and Skorbvstr with “le Satanisme et la Magie”, pure raw black metal with exemplary musicianship, nods to the 90’s second wave and the fury that only USBM seems able to deliver with rapid blast beats and malicious intent.

Glyph deliver dissonance and discord with “Know The Face of the Destroyer”and öf the Clock Tower” .Le Satanisme et la Magie is a strong debut for a new label and highly recommended for purists of the genre and those who thrive in darkness .


Blood in The Temple. 8.5/10

USBM is on the rise and this latest release from Bihargam in Kentucky USA delivers some frenetic raw black metal tinge with thrash and some melody. Grim dark and full of intent “Devouring of the Light” Introduces you to a band with musical prowess . Intense, disciplined and over dub free , this live recording lyrically is loosely based on dynasty of perfect warriors known as the Metabarons, yet musically it is earthly from the truly epic sounds of “The Screaming Planet “ and epic highlight ‘’The Church of Industrial Saints”with its vast mid paced sections and dynamics .

Ëpiphyte’’ unleashes some space and some truly Metal riffing and galloping beats whilst the “The Father-Mother”links it all together with some blast beats and excellent drum work form Scott Briggs . The vocals of Nick Stewart are raw and howling yet clear, this is not one - dimensional , yet a vast metal filled palette of styles incorporated into their own raw definitive style. “The Inanimate Son” is more proof of melodious darkness and excellent riffs. Highly recommended.

Plaguestorm -

Purifying Fire 9/10

Purifying Fire is such an accomplished heavy slab of melodic death metal metal that it boggles the mind that it is the work of just one man Sebastion Pastor with the assistance of Mikael sehlin on vocals. Such is the musicianship on display here it makes me wonder why this Argentinain act is not a lot Bigger than they are. The title track Purifying Fire ( Along with a bonus Orchestral version) and You Against The World conjure such great slabs of metal that sit alongside acts At the Gates and Arch Enemy in terms of epic scope, melody and pure power. The stomp and guitar histrionics of Blind and Weak confirm such musical prowess but it is the 9 minute epic Burning paradise with its frenetic passages, twin guitar attack and moments of quietness that lead into one of the best solos I've heard in ages!

Bring the sole creator lyrically and musically it allows Purifying Fire To be dark Heavy and Melodic with an intense sense of direction. Other highlights include “No Farewell” with its huge vocal layering and the attack of “Evolution towards the Edge”. Don't take my word for it , 2 tracks are for preview on their band camp page now whilst the album drops via Noble Demon records on June 4. Highly recommended

Empyrean Fire

Deliverance 9.5/10

Symphonic Black metal sometimes gets labeled as the lightest form of a very heavy genre . Empyrean Fire destroys this notion with probably the heaviest , powerful, malevolent offering to the metal gods ! From Portland Oregon (US) Deliverance is a powerful mature piece of work . Final Battle is a stunner with its supremely heavy passages, tinges of melody , the vocal work of Tricia Myers, some excellent guitar work and fury!

This record blazes with the sort of intensity that once complete, is recognized as a whole body of work inspired by the literature of Milton that the front woman has spent years in the making and has been crafted into a finely tuned machine of utter intensity most evident on “Corruption” that burns brightly with its approach and atmosphere.

Empyrean Fire’s musical prowess is on display throughout .“Gathering Storm” and ‘’Descent”. They pile on the intensity and yet the atmosphere of the keys never distract they only add to the musical power . Tricia’s vocal delivery ranges from spoken word despair to the shrieks of the damned. Special mention needs to also be made of Jason Yorke’s Guitar playing that contains some nice melodic post black work amongst some heavy riffing .

A compelling truly heavy masterwork , passionate and visceral . Deliverance burns through your senses and is a benchmark for how utterly heavy and powerful music can be.

Highly highly recommended.

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