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Resonance - Eden Rayz, Morkera, Telesterion, Satyricon

Eden Rayz – Corpus Vice 9.9/10

Corpus vice is the debut album of Eden Rayz. It is a pure outcry to the hypocrisy of modern society and those who control it. Oligarchs, greed, and deception.

Wildly Original and experimental, no sound or style has been overlooked in creating this debut opus. A trained classical composer Corpus Vice feels incredibly freeform, the compositions are so well prepared and thought out that they have an immediate and complete effect, the vocals range from death and black metal screams and growls that reflect the urgency and frustration of growing ignorance within our world and the danger it is in . From the seven passages of Corpus Vice the urgency and creative genius is inherent and brilliant. From I Awareness to VII Devotion the distorted cello burns with intensity and intent. This is genre less extreme music that ebbs and flows with a sense of urgency, The percussion is mind boggling in its precision and technicality, yet it is not self-indulgent ‘’Saint Anthony's Fire’’ is more organic musical excellence, the definition of classical combining with metal ideologies to create some new that and defies normal descriptors

Immediate , terrifyingly addictive and gloriously uncompromising this is extreme art that knows no boundaries and once finished demands to be heard again , its topics explored and its pursuit of musical extremity celebrated . Unmissable.

Morkera - Entangled Excavations 9/10

Croatia’s Morkera haven’t just release their debut Entangled Excavations but more unleashed it on an unsuspecting world. The is Powerful Black metal, immediate in its intention to batter you with its utter musical destruction.

‘’ Muse’’, ‘’ Deserted Denial’’, and ‘’Conjuring Shades’’ reflect their savage, technically deadly pinpoint attack. This is visceral powerful Black metal .The drumming is precise, and riffs are razor sharp that combine excellently on the ferocious ‘’Deserted Denial’’ it is a lurking predatory sound that strikes without fear unleashing their utter contempt for those without inner strength and power, the vocal delivery of ‘’ Obsolete flies from those who are bearing the filthy throats in the mire.’’ Is uncompromising. Honest.

The Epic ‘’ Indigens Formed In Tombs’’ slows the pace with its huge torturous riff and the pummelling double bass work, showing off the bands talents in everything they approach. The nightmare instrumental piano of closer “Heaps of rubble’’ further proof. Morkera have created modern Black Metal that is multifaceted, intelligent, and malevolently brutal. It is the stuff of nightmares put to music. Highly recommended.

Telesterion- An Ear of Grain in Silence Reaped 8.5/10

Taking the term post metal and bringing it full circle to metals doom origins is Telesterion location unknown, intention heavy dynamic soundscapes that destroy the senses.

Somehow I heard closing track ‘’ The Rharian Field’’ first and the result is an immediate visceral sound that is fully submersive on the listener. Its focused intentional and performed with a sense of urgency within. The angst is real and organic every riff is allowed to breath and bleed into your core.

Dealing with Ancient Greek Eleusinian Mysteries “Things Said” from its eerie beginnings continues the sense of claustrophobia and tangible atmosphere that is created by great riffs and organic structures the musicianship is peer less and the vocals reflect a tortured soul of ideas that shriek and accuse with urgency and focused intensity. The percussion is huge and the throbbing bass of “Things Shown create a marching effect over some great dissonant structures. Its march inexorable the atmosphere tangible, inevitable.

An Ear of Grain in Silence Reaped captures sonic terror without insane speed and their musical ambition captures the traditional and the new elements of Post to create an introduction to an act that unafraid of experimentation without forsaking the pursuit of utter mindboggling heaviness.

Satyricon – Satyricon and Munch 7.5/10

Eschewing all the troupes that are easily identified with Black Metal Norwegian legends Satyricon have released ‘’Satyricon and Munch’’ a 56-minute single-track collaboration to accompany the new Edvard Munch art exhibit in Oslo, Norway, a celebration in itself as two distinct individual forms of art meet and are presented in the mainstream.

More of an interpretation due to Munch’s passing in 1948, Edvard Munch is most known for his iconic piece the Scream (1893) a style that was rich and vibrant in lurid color and reflected his innate desire to paint his emotions and the dread of having a familial mental condition. ‘’ Satyricon and Munch” is the audible guide to the art. It is a surprisingly subdued one, and once again reflects Satyr’s interpretation that Black metal should be limitless and without boundaries. You can hear his signature guitar playing and the desire to reflect the impressionism of the artwork. Some of the clean guitar work and cello are beautiful yet tinged with darkness/sadness and the drumming is more tribal and primal it is accompanied by old-school synthesizers, grand piano, and a dozen other instruments to assist in the ambiance. The feeling is to create an almost sparse epicness to the presentation.

Much like an exhibition if you think of Satyricon and Munch’s musical changes as you enter each darkened room and encounter a different piece sometimes the changes are jarring per subject matter and others are subtle and continuous, there is no doubt some of the musical impacts is lost as you are unable to match the visual art in sequence to the musical work. The exhibition runs in Oslo until August 28, 2022, where the existentialistic nature would be much more effective in person

As divisive as ever Satyr has taken Munch’s approach “‘I don’t paint what I see, but what I saw ‘and created a musical accompaniment that evokes the power and spirit of visual art and its own deeply personal interpretations. Visual Art is either vacuous and shallow or deeply intense and almost spiritual with fire and passion, ‘’ Satyricon and Munch’’ is much the same in this regard. This is a passionate piece and should be celebrated as such, it’s not a soundtrack but emotive and at times unclassifiable. Atmospheric, is a celebration of art and the reflection of the individual’s reaction to it.

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