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Resonance - Dusk - Sisyphean - KRVVLA- Cirkeln

Dusk - The Relic 9/10

Containing five “Relics” this Costa Rican act that began as an industrial project has metastasized into a dark brooding black metal act infused with hatred and vitriol on this their fifth release combining technology with raw primal fury.

A journey of desolation and despair Dusk takes industrial ideas from the likes of Malformed Earthborn and Meathook Seed. Dusk seam these with a disruptive intent that melds black metal with the darkest industrial, creating bleak technological horrors that lurch between large grooves to insane, literally insane speed (think The Bezerker) that assaults the senses in a barrage of sonic dementia.

Being a massive fan of genuine industrial that has little regard for melody and pursues cold dark soundscapes, the idea to merge it with the primal fury that is black metal is inspired. Both genres are the opposites of the extreme spectrum and Dusk pursue these notions with huge rhythms and some frantic riffing, It is diverse, taking hard bass and infusing it with the tremolo is unique and to create something unnaturally heavy.

Divisive due to the foundations being electronic, The Relic is an atmospheric epic release. Each track is lengthy in its exploration from the ambient and somber, to unrelenting speed and rage. It is an Urban technological nightmare. Darkest torments made audible from an act fully committed to their craft and their pursuit of the mechanized Black Metal.

Label: True Cult Records

Sisyphean – Colours of Faith 9/10

Pursing the endless cycle of filth and decadence, Lithuanian act Sisyphean temper their dissonant chaos with control and unshakeable conviction on this second full-length album.

The battle between what is inherent in the DNA to that imposed on you is excellently expressed. Sisyphean has an uncanny ability to merge the best parts of death metal with black metal and the subgenre of dissonance, The riffs and songs are excellent constructions of violence offset by speed and a mid-tempo pummelation that enshrouds the listeners and plunges them into the musical darkness.

‘’Sovereigns of Livid Hope’’, ‘’ The Descent’’ and ‘’Scorched Timeless” are mere examples of extreme metal that is honest, complete, and not without an ear for vast memorable passages. Everything is deliberate and so well thought out that it never feels overdone or overindulgent. Their intent is legion in its focus and rage, large in scope yet candid, unflinching Hearts of Mercury” blindingly intense in the portrayal of religion as a substitute for understanding.

Colours of Faith is not coloured by fantasy but the horrific nature of man and more importantly the things we use to make up for a lack of knowledge and our unwillingness to do so. It is inherently violent and gloriously heavy. Coloured by the world and reflections around them Sisyphean have crafted an album that is inherently brutal yet listenable all at once. Highly recommended.

Cirkeln – A Song to Sorrow 8/10

A Song to Sorrow is not merely the second album from one-man black metal artist Vandarr, Cirkeln is a fully realized exploration of not only extreme music but also a cinematic and atmospheric interpretation. Taking the foundations of Black metal from native Sweden the music is transformed to epic heights whilst also being truly introspective.

Bold, daring, and blessed with that sort of riffs that would make any Bathory fan raise their glass to Valhalla this is not a tribute but a reflection of the first generation of true 80’s extreme music interpreted today. Some elements of Celtic Frost also appear, and this may be due to the fact that A Song To Sorrow is also a fantastic Metal record! The riff to “Natassja” is majestic and memorable. The epic nature of the Album reaches its Zenith with the mighty ‘’Vandaren’’ which also incorporates nineties style black metal that is powerful, dynamic, and strong in melody.

There are moments of thrash and pure mid-tempo metal as the spirited “The March’’ declares. There is much metal enjoyed along with the traditional instruments. The deeply personal journey of one man’s psyche and his path of illumination from terrors past is as honest as it is extreme, and the knowledge gained invaluably.

A Song to Sorrow is a complete work and leaves you wanting where the journey and the music of Cirkeln are headed next, a highly recommended experience for those who love first and second-wave black metal.

Label: True Cult Records

KRVVLA – X 9/10

From the moment “X” begins its assault on the senses, Krvvla cast you headfirst off the edge of the abyss into the depths of musical Armageddon. It is dense, claustrophobic, and brutal in its dissonant destruction on the senses.

Containing eight acts from “X” to “XVIII”, the titles may be nameless but each is unique, This Belarusian act on their second album has taken the notion of post music and delved into its terrors. It is unsettling, incredibly powerful, and sublime in its subtlety. Expect nothing apart from the feeling that this band and its goal are to destroy preconceived notions. It is a maelstrom of fury and pure rage that draws from all the elements of extreme music, combining black metal with post-rock that leaves no room for self-indulgence, it is 27 minutes of unrelenting pressure with brief moments of ambiance.

The concept behind it is suitably bleak, the war of the three Logoi, the black logos is victorious leaving a world without ideas or spirituality, the result is gripping and performed with such dedication. From Percussive chaos, horrific screams of despair, from blasting insanity to mid-tempo oppression, walls, and walls of huge riffs that emphasize the calamity of grief and anger.

“X” is the album that stops you dead in its tracks. It is so damn heavy, spiteful, and full of malicious intent. Words simply do not do this album justice; music doesn’t get much better or as intense as this. Brilliantly unnerving.

Krvvla: Facebook

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