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Resonance - Deadspace - Úlfarr / Malfeitor - Leskentuska

Deadspace – Unveiling the Palest Truth 9/10

Deadspace stopped in 2020. From their beginnings in 2014, the Perth Outfit took the simple notions of Black metal and DSBM and twisted it into a new form that was remorseless. The members unified in their stance to uncompromising music made the decision and their prolific history was cut short. To mark their eighth anniversary, the band have returned to release their seventh full-length ‘’Unveiling the Palest Truth’’ marking a renewed energy to their music and their conviction.

Deadspace has created something so immense and staggering it beggars belief. ‘’Unveiling the Palest Truth’’ is a malevolent beast of an album with tangible anguish where the darkness intends to consume you with the threat of violence and inevitability. The atmosphere is thick and unrepentant, its sound so immense and gravitas all-consuming. At a mere twenty-five minutes, it is a record you survive such is its utter conviction and intensity. The dissonance is eerie and all-consuming whilst the hallmarks of speed fury are paramount, there is none heavier than the spoken word of ‘Enter the Valley of the Dead’’ that heralds the oncoming onslaught of wildly divergent ideas that coalesce into a seamless display. Deadspace’s heritage lies in black metal, yet its result is more Avant Garde yet no less extreme. Survive the brilliance of ‘’ “Dwell in Desdemona” and its vocals if you can, its definition of the void as we ultimately pass into darkness. The title track is a masterwork of unpreventable chaos that is thick and overwhelming.

Unveiling the Palest truth is potentially realized from the sigil that reflects man’s passion and fire within on the sleeve to the coda of ‘’ A Feast for the Rats’’. A track that simply marks the soul and creates an undefinable memory as it plunges into silence, its effect is sobering and traumatic. Meticulously planned and executed, it epitomises the definition of the band and stands as a hallmark of brilliant atmospheric black metal.

Úlfarr / Malfeitor 8/10

A split album that combines the talents of the United Kingdom’s Blackest of hearts. From the prolific and established Úlfarr to the debut of Malfeitor, it is a release that re-ignites the urgency of second-wave black metal and its raw, malignant spirit.

Úlfarr’s music is ugly, inciteful and vital. One listens to ‘’ Inexorable Purpose Within the Hidden Eye Pt1, ” and its counterpoint Part II reveals a sense of purpose and direction. This is raw, primal, ugly, hate-filled at times depressive music. Coupled with the intense ‘’ Sacred Right of Bloodshed,” Ulfarr create music that is raw and primal, filled with a sense of urgency as if they were to topple into the abyss of hate and suffering. Musically, this is pure second-wave nineties black metal, yet it is not derivative. There is a sense of vitriol and authenticity that runs on pure emotion and fury.’’ Serpent of Coils’’ is almost celebratory in its delivery of all things metal. One of UKBM’s stalwarts, these new tracks are amongst their strongest and define their uncompromising stance.

Sharing the Split with Ulfarrs rich history is the debut of Nosdrahcir’s (everything) project Malfeitor. It was, again, rooted in the raw, upfront Black metal style that is abrasive and unwelcoming to those who simply do not understand. Gloriously unsubtle, the intent is clear. From the opening declaration ‘’Black Metal Is Death’’ to the abrasive closer ‘’Raping Solitude (Is a Fate Worse Than Death)’’, Malfeitor delivers tremolo-ridden blasts of speed that then delve into a slower, almost depressive-like pace that lets the riffs bleed all over the music. The vocals rage from shrieks to darkened incantations yet never are overbearing.

It is a glorious pairing of extreme acts who share the same blackened heartbeat. The tradition of split albums is alive and a precursor of the Armageddon to come. Merging the established with the new is inspired as is both artist’s music and complete dedication to their craft and cold black metal fury.

Leskentuska – Nälkäkurki 8/10

Nälkäkurki is the second self-funded EP release from Finland’s Leskentuska that is filled with music that represents the dark wild and inherently violent history of their homeland. A journey that began in 2018 that saw two demo releases, Nälkäkurki represents the evolution of their extreme music.

Beginning with “Den Onda Andan” based on the Finnish murder trial of three hundred years past, it is apparent that Leskentuska offers that something different. This is black metal and vitriolically so, yet it is also full of that melody that it seems only Finnish bands have. It is not only memorable but with dynamic time changes gives their music a real sense of anger and direction. Their black metal is violent and full of naked aggression. Yet, its punk rock attitude gives it muscle and energy as ‘’ Minun murhani’’ displays, raging from incredible speed back to a 4/4 backbeat that drives the fury home with a great harmonica solo that keeps the track nimble and energetic.

Wild and full of reckless abandon Nälkäkurki is a reminder of the old enemy and closes out an EP that is all too brief. Leskentuska’s music is dark and suitably so, yet it moves with an energy that is perfect for violence. Raw, incredibly coherent it is the successful merging of melody, rock and the disgust of Black metal combined to create something vital and quite simply blistering.

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