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Resonance - Crescent, Glyph, Sharone, Orbyssmal, Thumos


Carving the Fires of Akhet 9.5/10

Described as Ancient Egyptian Blackened/Death Metal. Crescent have created an impressive catalogue of music that is immediate and powerful. Carving the Fires of Akhet continues this band's progression through extreme waters whilst staying true to their heritage telling an epic story of the cyclic rise and fall of man full of strife and blood. The opening triptych that begins with the epic Carving the Fires of Akhet and concludes with the mighty Serpent of Avaris are a band at full strength , with time changes and song structures that defy the norm along with exceptional musicianship that stays direct and powerful without dipping into self excess ( i.e Prog)

The line up changes mark this as a new era for a band that continues to pursue the boundaries of both Black and Death Metal. Imprecations Upon Thy Flame is an unmistakable Crescent Black metal assault and As Nu Enshrines Death contains huge riffing and epic death Touches . There are Dissection And Bolt Thrower covers ( For Victory gets an even heavier workover) as a bonus for what is another contender for album of the year .


Execration 8.5/10

A solo project from Brisbane that drips black metal and sonic noise carnage . Combining the truest elements of raw black metal with tortured sounds of the damned to create a malevolent offering born in darkness . From the short sharp stab of pain that is ‘’Aeonmin’’ to the monolithic sounds of Swel this is part horror film, part exorcism, released from a tortured mind swathed in darkness.‘’Theomboais’’ and “Ohmlecure” are tracks that pulse and throb with a infected beating heart and the perverse.

Combining, Black metal along with Death metal, industrial noise and dungeon hell, ‘’Execration’’ is a hallucinatory experience that drags you in , consumes you and leaves a mark on your psyche...


The End Of Worlds 9/10

You could label Thumos any of the Doom and subgenre labels all you like but you would not be able to describe the huge lumbering sound that this band provides. Huge monolithic riffs that are not in any hurry as they will crush you invariably under their weight and intensity that grows and consumes you. Epithumetikon and Logistikon consume and make the most of the raw production to pierce the senses and inflict their themes of grief and pain . This US outfit with anonymous members does not get lost in the meanderings of doom, but progresses each section until complete and proceeds to get heavier as they go along . Metempsychosis is another highlight that appears simple in its heaviness yet progresses into much more . Highly recommended


Morbid Illusions 8.5/10

Some albums are a cathartic release. A look into the artist's psyche and the emotions that drive them. For Sharone and her long awaited album Morbid Illusions is more a barring of a soul, an intimate look at the personal, Tragedies, Triumphs hopes and despair. ‘’Dying Out’’ with its loopy time and signature changes to the more metal of ‘’Can We Pretend’’. The haunting beauty of “‘Screaming Into Oblivion’’ and “Fade Away”, represent an artist that uses personal experiences as a catalyst for passionate intense music

Morbid Illusions is the evolution of an artist combining many musical elements , the ballads do not lose their power in their subtlety, the metallic parts are vibrant and organic, the rock elements do exactly that . A complete sophisticated album delivered with honesty and integrity . Highly recommended


We Are None Of Us 9/10

Secretive, unknown and subversive literally a symbol within another . Ritual Abuse Hysteria have hit the ground running with their excellent cassette releases and Glyph is yet another . Raw and swathed in darkness Glyph continues the diversity that is US Black Metal. Light Shall Become Shadow with its drone like quality and introspection. Corrupt That Which it Will Be with its confrontation and jabs of anguish . Sorrowful and dark as heard on ...And So Fares The City. Glyph are not concerned by the thoughts of others yet pursue a darkened form of Black Metal that is true to their nature and not the trends that surround them . Recommended

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