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Resonance - Biese , Lycopolis, Evocatus, Paradise In Flames

Biese - Blasphemies

From the opening roar of Exodus, Russia’s Biese signal their intent with their fury of Black metal infused with Death metal and thrash. Based on ancient spells and texts combined with some authentic Eastern Bloc flourishes, Blasphemies is unique not only with unique arrangements but intensity and intention that other bands truly Lack. the result of a one man’s vision (Demetr - voices, sorceries, music) Mara Ma (Mapa Ma) is the epic track with some female chants hug riffing and some excellent percussion. The chant like nature continues with Peklo Ascent and it is the focus on the vocal arrangements (in ancient Russian) that sets the tone for an uncompromising, focused, and driven assault. Black God offers a momentary respite without lacking the overall intensity of the record. The riff on Song to Evil is huge. Focused and mature Blasphemies is a must listen. From the Album artwork to the music within a truly uncompromising brutal piece of work.


Lycopolis - The Procession.

The fact that this album exists in such adversity is worth celebrating alone. From Lord of the Necropolis and is unique eastern riffing, this nameless band from the City of Wolves (Egypt) has embraced their hard ship and Arabic origins and matured into a raw earthly focused outfit. One With Sharp Arrows is more of their Black metal craftmanship allowing the music to create its own atmosphere with minimalism and attention to detail. Pernu is an ode to the old ones and to the originators of black metal with classic early 80’s inspired riffing. The overall effect creates a trance like state, Separate the Sky from the Earth is another Highlight, whilst the Power of the Two Lands is the best representation of the infusion of Arabic within their extreme framework.


Evocatus - Path to Tartarus

From the opening huge drum fill to the Power metal riffing, Path to Tartarus is an unashamedly truly metal record! From Newcastle in Australia (no not Europe) this is a melodic death metal record that tells the story of Tartarus, the deep abyss used for torment and suffering for the wicked and a prison for the Titans. Greek Mythology aside, Kronos Olympus is a bloody cracker, whilst Centurion piles on the metal with some glorious riffing and twin guitar melody courtesy of Vaughan Jones and Callan Douchkov. Walls of Troy is a 9-minute epic from these battle metal legionaries who after decimating their enemies with metal sound like they enjoy a mead after the spoils of victory.

An excellent modern metal record excellently recorded with high class musicianship (a nod to the excellent drumming talents of Adam Watts) Drums in the Deep and Upon the Sands are more epic goodness. Hail!



From the frenetic opener Nahemah’s Possession Paradise in Flames settle in an uncompromising blend of at Symphonic Black, complex Death Metal and good old Heavy Metal. ‘I’m Sure your Gods Have Seen This Before’ contains all the bands elements along with a crisp production where you can appreciate the performances. Hailing from Brazil the haven to all things truly metal the twin vocals of A. Damien and O. Mortis are at their most powerful on The Tempe’s, at times ethereal and brutal with huge keyboard passages. ‘Devil in the Sky ‘is more traditional black with some cracking riffs. With all the grandeur and Intensity of their European contemporaries, Has Never Seen A World Without Wars and It’s All Wrong are further proof that The Devils Collection is worthy of adding to yours.


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